Sony Asks For Restraining Order Against PS3 Hackers

Just two days after playing down the hack, Sony filed a request with a U.S. district court asking for a temporary restraining order against fail0verflow team members as well as GeoHot.

In the complaint, filed Tuesday by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), the company asked for a restraining order against George "Geohot" Hotz, the "hacking group" fail0verflow (Hector Cantero, Sven Peter, "Bushing," and "Segher"), and numerous John / Jane Does. The legal reasons given in the complaint are "violations of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, various copyright infringements, and other acts of malfeasance."

The complaint is not a lawsuit per se, as it doesn't ask for any accusation or punishment beyond a temporary restraining order forcing the defendants to remove all tools and instructions regarding the exploit from their websites.

It is doubtful that such paper work would be enough to put the Genie back into the bottle.

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SONY Degraded my PS3

I had linux installed on my machine to web surf and watching tv using usb stick then when we wanted to play latest buzz game the console asked that we upgrade, so we did, now i can't watch tv using linux any more. sony hasn't compensated me for removing fuctionality i PAID 600$ for...

So pay for my popcorn hour device Sony!!!!


So when I buy a PS3 on a shop am I actually buying it or am I leasing the console? Because as far as I know I am buying it, if it belongs to me I can do whatever I want with it for personal use, Sony has no right to tell people what to do with their consoles. If i wanted to strip down a DVD-player I just bought for it's parts or modify it's internal functioning it would probably be stupid but I can because it's for personal use, why can't I do the same to a PS3?

Buying =\= Leasing

Sony needs to learn that.

No, that isn't how it works.

No, that isn't how it works. For the same reason buying a CD, making several copies of it, and giving it to other people is illegal (copyright violation). Same thing as buying a movie, ripping it, and uploading it for people to download online. Why don't you read the end user agreement that comes with your PS3.

To Anonymous on Fri, 01/14/2011 - 07:25.

Id steal a Ferrari, just for you. You would buy it from me if it was quarter of the price, and you wouldn't even dare ask how I obtained it. Not like you could afford one anyways, :-). Point being you would pirate if you had the chance, just like everyone else. By the way, seat covers are stolen too. lol ;-)

Way to be presumptuous. Yes,

Way to be presumptuous. Yes, I would buy a ferrari at a quarter price. If you told me it was stolen, no, I wouldn't buy it. I can easily pirate music, but I pay for it. If I don't have enough to buy every album I want, I wait, or I just get a song or two I like. I really hope you manage to create some sort of wonderful software that takes up a tone of your time. And then when people pirate it like crazy and you don't make a dime on it, let's see if you don't start complaining about piracy.

but, whats this?! video game

but, whats this?! video game companies NOT making money? point out 1 article, 1 valid article showing that? even with the piracy 'problem' and video game companies blowing tens to hundreds of millions on their games(some of which arn't all that amazing) and charging more than most people can afford for a few hours of game play, they still some how make a profit and manage to make an even more expensive game next time. even for pc exclusive games, the easiest system to hack.

both musicians(who arn't owned by a corporation, or are just douche bags), and many writers actually like piracy. why? because more people are getting to enjoy their product, people who wouldn't have bought it otherwise. THEN when they like it they tell other people, some of which who will buy it(and wouldn't have bought it before) and sometimes even after pirating something, the pirate will buy it if they like it

is piracy illigal. yes and for obvious if somewhat conflicting reasons. it however is not a major issue

Okay, let's look at the

Okay, let's look at the extremes. Let's say everyone took advantage of a hacked system, and no one purchased games anymore. Why buy when you can get for free, right? The gaming companies would not make any money on the games, and would have to charge even more, which wouldn't matter since everyone is pirating. They would have to stop making games.

Now let's say no one pirated games. If everyone was willing to pay for the games, and pirating wasn't an issue, yes, I do believe companies would be willing to sell games for a little less. Who cares if they make a little less profit on the game, when they sell ten times as many games? Everyone benefits here due to lower prices and more profit.

And the fact that game designers are still making games does not make piracy okay. It is still illegal. If I stole your car, I'm sure the company that made your car would still keep making it, despite me stealing it. Even if I stole it from a dealer. It's still stealing. And writer's don't need piracy. Lot's of sites offer free music that the artists themselves can submit (datpiff . com is an example). Everyone can hear their music, it's a legally free means, and they don't have to worry about piracy. They choose, however, to get signed by a record company to make money.

Stop complaining. If you hate

Stop complaining. If you hate the system so much don't use it. It's that simple. And they can charge whatever they want, it's their product. If you can't afford it, don't get it. A Ferrari is expensive. Does that mean you can steal it because it is out of your price range? People like you are so spoiled these days, thinking everything is due to them. You people have no idea how much better you have it than 70% of the world.

The DMCA, eh?

While it was conceived for the sole purpose of being misused by recording/movies and other such industries, the DMCA may as well serve a good cause for once. Releasing the consoles private key was a very stupid move that serves no purpose other than to promote and facilitate piracy.

The key doesn't allow you to run homebrew software on your ps3, nor any other cool things like installing linux and so on...

Publishing this was a stupid thing to do that benefits no one.

On an unmodified PS3, you can

On an unmodified PS3, you can no longer install Linux, or any homebrew for that matter. The fact that the keys for the console were leaked are irrelevant to that fact.

Sony continually blocked the ability to do things to the PS3, so people are taking those options back. The last straw was removing the GameOS functionality.

It's that simple.

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