Sony Combines DualShock And Move Together

Sony has patented a “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller” which combines its trademark DualShock and Move controllers together.

The hybrid controller consists of two halves that can be attached to each other to resemble a PS3 DualShock gamepad with two Move orbs sticking out beside its shoulder buttons. When separated, each half can be held in one hand to act as an ugly Move controller.

According to the patent documents, each half houses its own magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, vibration motor and speakers.

The patent was filed in May 2011, but it was published this week.

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xbox 360 is the best

xbox 360 is the best controller, All the buttons are just where you need them and the controller fits nicely in your hands. No, im not a fanboy, i use PC only. Its just a shame that they use their own RF system instead of normal bluetooth (MS refusing to pay for rights and passing the cost onto the customer in the form of a seperate reciever, bast*rds) <--- talkin about PCs there

My favorite controller of all

My favorite controller of all time was the nintendo 64 controller. It was a bit of an akward design, only allowing you to conveniently use 2/3rds of the controller in most cases, but the triggers felt nice, and the analog stick was just 'smooth'. Only analog stick I've ever used with very fast response and pin-point accuracy. Sure, they would wear down and break easier than modern controllers, but **** I loved the trigger design and overall feel in every good N64 game.


I wish i could be "absolutely certain" that this is fake. i hope it is. but as many of us know, there have been numerous "dumb" and "ugly" controller designs over the years. take the sega dreamcast controller or the nintendo 64 controller. then we have the Wii controller and the Wii U controller. or the original Xbox (Xbox 1) controller. HUGE!!! thankfully, they made a smaller one. and lastly, let's not forget what the ps3's original controller design was. it looked like a boomerang. but, fans of the ps3 told Sony to keep it simple, thus saving the the ps3 from embarrassing controls. we've all seen many strange and stupid designs released, designs that never should have seen daylight. i hope for the ps4's sake it doesn't. everyone will laugh.

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