Sony Cuts 3G PS Vita Price By $100 In Some Stores

Reports from all around USA indicate that the majority of Sony Stores are offering 3G PS Vita bundles at $100 discount.

For $199.97 instead of $299.99, the bundle includes the handheld itself in addition to an 8GB memory card and a PSN game voucher redeemable after signing in for data coverage.

Rumors have it that the PS Vita 3G model is being discontinued and that’s why it is being offered for less than the Wi-Fi model’s $249.99 retail price.

The price cut is not available in all Sony Stores yet and it is not available anywhere online. We’ve asked Sony to comment, but it stays tight lipped.

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The vita is a pretty good

The vita is a pretty good handheld, it runs psp games and the better looking vita games. Not to mention PS1 games and it doesnt use disks so battery life is better. All it lacks is a good collection of vita quality games.

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