Sony Ditches Unused DualShock Analog Buttons

Sony has finally decided to switch DualShock controller buttons to digital after keeping them analog for 16 years.

Digital buttons have two states only: pressed and un-pressed whereas analogue buttons are able to measure how hard and how quickly they are pressed. One of the few games that took advantage of this feature is Gran Turismo 5 where players control their acceleration by how hard they press the shoulder buttons.

It is hard to find other games that took advantage of DualShock 3's analog buttons; thus Sony decided that it is not worth the extra cost and the added complexity.

explained Toshimasa Aoki, manager of Sony's product planning division. "For DualShock 4, we deleted that, and now it's all digital. The mechanism inside is a little different, and the data that games get is different."

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Sony cut off its nose to spite its face...

I always wondered why Sony would have even designed buttons with analog function when they have so little travel in the first place. I did notice the fact that the face buttons were analog in the PS2 Gran Turismo Games (just barely), but it's not like you have enough button travel to really make use of 256 distinct positions. We're only talking about 2-3mm here. Silly idea. Just like the one of handicapping the PS2 with such a pitiful amount of VRAM. It wouldn't have cost Sony all that much to include an acceptable amount, and even if it had, they could have fired the moron who had the analog-button-idea and gone with digital to make up for the cost. :)

The Bouncer

Another game comes to mind. The Bouncer, a nice beat em up from SquareSoft (hey I really enjoyed it). The light/heavy attacks were performed using light/hard face-button presses.

this article is misleading..

they arent getting rid of analog for r2 and l2.. im not sure about r1 and l1 (id imagine they kept those) but what they are ditching are the x o [] and Triangle analog function.. very few games ever used them and it was a clunky control mechanism.. i prefer their switch to digital on those buttons as its hard to tell the full range of actions u can perform with the face buttons with analog functions..


The analog buttons are garbage when compared to any other controller...console or PC so to ditch a broken piece of tech is a good idea. You might want to actually use the new controller First before you make an assumption while it totally could get worse the possibility for it being better is really good at this point.

16 years? I tough the

16 years? I tough the dualshock 2 (ps2) were the first one to have this feature. I remember playing MotoGP from namco using the analog buttons such as X,O,Triangle,Square. Beside racing games it's hard to imagine other use.

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