Sony: Expect Less Frequent And Less Quick PlayStation 4 Price Drops

Contrary to what Activision's Bobby Kotick expects, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida believes that using standardized components will prevent the company from reducing PlayStation 4 price as quickly as it did with previous consoles.

"Our hardware teams have chosen more standardized components to create PlayStation 4 and that's contributing to our launch price of $399 versus $599 for the PS3," he explained. "Because we're already using more standardized components, the room for costs to come down might actually be slower than when we were starting with cutting edge stuff."

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Cutting edge?

Bahahaha, you were never using "cutting edge" components dumbass. You were just using expensive components. They still sucked & the performance of your stupid video game box proved it. Every console is obsolete & pointless. Unless of course the point is, making money & absolutely nothing else.

You had to have seen this one coming...

Not only is the console cheaper at launch than expected, but also keep in mind Sony is immediately making more $$$ every year now thanks to their demonic pay-to-play model. If only 1 million users sign up then Sony will have made an additional $50,000,000 (almost instantly)! Annually! So why would they ever lower the console price 'before' the new console adoption rate along with the "new paid user" rate plateaued or waivered? The answer is they would not. Sony will steal everyone's (ANYONE's) money as much as they can, for as long as possible.

I'd normally reply "expect

I'd normally reply "expect less customers you shysters!" or something, but the sales prove me wrong. The customers nowadays are so rich/bored/foolish/desperate/stupid/impatient, that commenters on other sites are happy about having to pay "only" 10$ for the "PS4 version" of their 60$ PS3 game, as if Sony's doing them a favor. It's a PS3 game, not a PS4 game. The PS2 had backward compatibility hardware to allow you to play PS1 games on it for free, and Sony cut those hardware corners and are demanding even more money per PS3 game to run on PS4. All this, and you've got morons actually rushing to preorder to play what? 7 games as yet released, none of which got an "excellent" rating/review?

your the fanboy

Aaaand hes back to sony fanboyism! Sad because your such a sony fanboy you have to point him out everytime, and wont show your name because you have your hand up the japs ass!! nuff said!

With standard components I'd

With standard components I'd expect maybe an initial 12 month price drop followed by 6-month cycles, but that's only from my experience working with system manufacturers - with the quantities they're working with they might already be working with prices far below the normal wholesale market.

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