Sony Halts PlayStation 4 Preorders

Sony has instructed large retailers to stop taking PlayStation 4 launch day preorders.

According to British magazine, The Sun, Tesco, Asda, Amazon and Toys R are among the stores that won't be taking any more PlayStation 4 preorders that are guaranteed for launch date delivery.

This move aims to ensure the availability of enough console units in stores at launch during the holiday season. Some retailers have shared their belief that Microsoft will make a similar move soon.

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Not Surprised

To be honest I am not surprised by this announcement. Gamestop and Amazon have already said that they have broken records for the amount of preorders that they have for the two new consoles. Sony obviously did not expect these kind of numbers and they are afraid that they won't have enough consoles for the Launch Day orders. I would be surprised if Microsoft did not do the same thing sometime soon. You can't predict something like this.


Are you kidding me, Fact every game that came out for both systems has always been better on xbox 360, Madden 30 frames on CRAPSTATION 60 on XBOX 360 pick the game always the same better on xbox Nuff said!

the only one that matters

battle field 3 but for better explanation, ps3 runs nvidia based games better then xbox360 and 360 runs ati based games better then ps3 its a fact btw so don't argue it I don't really give a shit about gfx I like good games nuff said


He mad because sony PS4 GPU more powerful. He says Sony sucks...but which company so far has done so many U-turns in their marketing campaign it's crazy??...yar....Microsoft an their TV/APP.....oh and "gaming" as an afterthought..console.

Being primarily a PC gamer i

Being primarily a PC gamer i know i wont be running out to buy consoles anytime soon, maybe sometime next year. But i do feel i should point out that your point is exactly the same made by wii fans last gen when it was quickly outselling both 360 and ps3. Time changes everything, don't ever forget that.

Big load?

LOL probably they just do that so it looks like there's soooooo many peeps all buying into the hype & gonna run out & get one right away when really almost no one gives a shit about another stupid crappy fuckin' console.


lol u say buying a new console is the best ? i had my pc for 5 years now and if already the same or better then ur PS4 so wtf are u talkinga about evolution ? ur consoles are already 5 years behind , so don t talk about evolution when u told about those 2 crapy consoles xboxone+ps4= 5 years behind machines if u compare em to My Gaming Consoles my PC . all i have to pay now is 250$ to completly our run those machines Lol what a joke when u wanna get ur consoles stronger u have to wait another 5-10 years, on a pc u go to the fucking store and thats it. GG Owned Remake.

YOu know nothing of computers

As the title says. YOu cant simply run to a store buy this stick it in your pc and it jsut be the shit. It all has to do with your motherboard and a few other key components that are on your pc. So anyways your Gaming computer sucks mass simply as that have a good day dumb shit.

yeah and you do

bullshit, motherboard is replaceable, every god damn component is replaceable you dont need to wait years to replace em, sure sometimes you got to go so far as to gut the whole damn thing, point is you can, console well sure you just got to wait till the manufacturer makes the next one in 5 years. technology gets better at an exponential rate so the older your console the faster it gets left behind. and if i find my computer need more ram ill get more ram, if i want a better processor ill just get the version or 2 higher if socket is not compatible buy a mother board too, graphix slow? ill get a more powerful graphix card. how exactly does a console compare? but above all MODS!

Yes, I am sure Microsoft will

Yes, I am sure Microsoft will follow suit. However, I can also guarantee you Sony outsells them. I even have a hunch there will be surplus xbox one units for sale. The only freedom we have as consumers is to vote with our wallets. M$ tried to take our custom for granted. I am quitely confident the masses with show M$ how they felt about that over the next 12-24 months.....

Can't gaurentee anything

Even though the PS3 came out a year later than the Xbox 360 and still has sold more units worldwide you can't predict anything especially which console will sell more units. I also don't think that either consoles will have a surplus of units at major retail stores after the first weekend and especially after Black Friday.


Microsoft just delayed it in "lesser" markets (Russia?) and pissed off said countries just to sell in the biggest markets, Canada, United States, Europe etc. Sony did the honorable thing in this and shut the pre-orders out, Microsoft is showing how much of a flounder out of water it is haha.

they'are right tho

well truth be told ps3 will be more popular but then again people are never really the most reasonable and at lunch i guarantee all of the damned things will sell xbox and ps4 alike why cause there will be people who absolutely must have both then there will be people who must absolutely have 1 and if one is not available they will have to have the other. ass for whats better ultimatly irrelevant at this point they cant really compete with the power of the PC 36 month in they will be 2 generations behind. PC WILL REIGN SUPREME

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