Sony might be making a new PocketStation


Remember the PocketStation? Yea I don't either. That's because it was a niche accessory for the PS1, released only in Japan. It packed a small LCD screen into a memory card and gave you a basic control set so you could play little Game and Watch style games on it. Well now Sony has teased some big news in the world of PocketStation coming in just a few days - what could it be?

If you understand Japanese, the video at the bottom might make some sense to you, but if you don't, there's a lot of build up for what is essentially a reveal of November 5th as the upcoming date for a PocketStation announcement.

Speculation abounds about what the new PocketStation news could be. Theoretically it could be a contemporary version of the hardware, but who uses memory cards these days?

More likely we're looking at some sort of Smartphone app that will give you the same functionality as the original for save transfers, perhaps letting you take your game with you to your friends house to play on their PS3/PS4. It could also theoretically give you access to simple companion games that then unlock stuff for you on whatever main game you're playing on the home console.

Another suggestion doing the rounds though, is a fitness orientated, biometrics tracker that could work in a similar way to Wii Fit accessories. Maybe it could bundle a pedometer with some other functions?

What do you guys think the following video is all about?

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Imagine you ate steaks for

Imagine you ate steaks for all your life, and then some dude comes up and drops a mangled rabbit limb in your hand telling you its good food. Maybe it is good food, but its shit compared to what I am used to. Then, some other dude comes up and drops a discarded butterly cocoon in my hand, and says its good food. I struggle. In this story, switch eating for playing experience, steak for a PC, rabbit limb for a next gen console, and cocoon for ANY handheld form factor device. Any self respecting gamer is a PC gamer. It has been that way since the days of the Amiga 500 in the 90s and it will go on remaining that way for another 50 years. Handheld? Ill keep that in the bathroom if I run out of toiletpaper.

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