Sony-Operated ISP Hacked

As part of Sony's ongoing hack-fest, hackers have managed to break into Sony-operated internet service provider So-Net and steal virtual currency from some of its customers.

128 Japanese customers were affected by the attack which managed to steal an aggregate of 100,000 yen (approximately $1,224) worth of virtual points from them before the attack was noticed.

According to Sony's initial investigations, no user data was stolen and no other users were affected.

"At this point in our investigations, we have not confirmed any data leakage," the company said in a statement to its customers. "We have not found any sign of a possibility that a third party has obtained members' names, address, birth dates and phone numbers."

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Yes, they did

They continued to remove features from the PS3 one by one that people wanted. Eventually people got fed up with the restrictions and removals so they hacked the PS3 and found out how to return the functions.

And retaliate for it by showing how little Sony protects it's customers. Some of the info stolen was literally in a plain text documents, yet their system and games were wrapped up tight in DRM until people found their way around that.

I understand that hacking their systems wasn't the smartest idea, but it did serve it's purpose. Sony is now in major trouble because of this. And likely so are the hackers.

Unless, like the captcha I got, they get off 'scot free'


I agree..

by the way this verification on the comment system here now sucks. i dont think i will ever comment on articles again.

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