Sony Partners With Unity For PS4 Cross Platform Dev Tools

Unity Technologies announced a partnership with PlayStation that will see Unity tools developed for PlayStation platforms!

According to the partnership agreement, games built on Unity will be deployable to PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSM, and SCE’s future cloud services.

Unity is the most widely used game creation toolset and engine in the world. Unity tools are powerful-yet-easy-to-use but it can be argued that their main draw is that they allow game developers to port their games to a multitude of platforms with minimal effort. Unity code is automatically converted to different platforms’ code, and just polish and optimization for that specific platform needs to be added. But all the other stuff — the art, the game logic, artificial intelligence, sound — everything else, remains the same.

Plenty of huge publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Kabam, Square Enix, and Nexon are using Unity for a variety of projects, but even more exciting is the massive number of independent developers who are taking advantage of Unity tools’ accessibility and affordability.

For gamers, this means that we can expect cross-platform games to be more common in the new generation of consoles.

PlayStation 3 support has already been incorporated into Unity for a while now with several titles already shipped. However, support for the rest of the PlayStation family is a lengthy process that has started just yet.

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What's the point of this?

What's the point of this? It'll only make everything look alike across all platforms like those cheap licensed games like the marvel ones made of the movies. They all look alike - some cheap, low quality bullshit. And they come out on every platform under the sun! ...... I think if they can't be bothered, or have lost the passion of developing individual, creative, and clever fun games for a given system to take full advantage of that system, just give up. Develop a single system like a common DVD player slap on your own name (Sony, Nintendo or MS) and package it like its your own and market it. The next guys one will look different but same **** inside making everything compatible with everything else! .... Less headache for the **** developer, should be cheaper to develop for and sell! Done. Look at the wiiU; its a piece of **** from yesteryear technologically of course. All nintendo had to do is team up with their countrymen and make a dodgy controller for PS4 and some titles for PS4 with nintendo on the game box. Saves them from R&D and some cheap plastics garbage - waste of space, not fit for purpose!

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