Sony Patents System That Pauses Games To Display Ads

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a patent for a system that pauses games forcibly in order to display advertisements.

The system was invented by Gary M. Zalewski and filed last July. Simply put, the system pauses the game (after a brief warning), plays an ad then resumes the game again.

The patent text describes the system as “a method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content [game], suspending playing go the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content.”

Adding insult to injury, the system is not confined to single player games only. A small print in the patent filing states that a central server can synchronize ad-display during multiplayer matches so that all players would have their doses of forced-ads at the same moment.

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erm...i hope the games this crap comes with are free cos i certainly wont be buyin em with this Sh*t added into them.....grrrrrr

apathy leeds to economy

Vote with your wallets. If there`s something you don`t like, don`t support it. Trouble is most people these days are so attuned to the obvious in your face selling they almost glaze over. For me it`s intrusive, for the masses I guess not so much, that`s why they get away with it. A colleague of mine shares that viewpoint, I do not but it goes to show there are plenty willing to put up with this interence to justify them doing it. Shame but true.

Well there goes the Neighborhood

OK after reading most of the comments one thing that people forget to reailse that: "IF" (big IF) Sony have a Patent on this, that ALL companies will want in on this! This is not a PS4 killer but a MS/Nintendo killer, they will want in on the action. It will also effect PC gaming too (where I exclusively play, I just don't like consoles) .

Now this WILL have a major impact no matter where one is, IF IT DOSE gather momentum in the general public (namely I know no better player) then it's here to stay unless the public are educated, unfortunately will not happen as the General Public just don't want to know (yes I understand that this is very derogatory towards them, but lets face it, the general public know no better), they only "want it to work". We "GAMERS" where ever we are can realistically only vote with our wallets, and sometimes can persuade our close friends of this shite

I agree, I dont see this a a

I agree, I dont see this a a ps4 killer but rather an excuse for other console to follow sonys footstep. You can be sure that there will be even more product placment in interactive entertainment in the years to come. *This comment was brought to you by Coca Cola.


No demos anymore, no we have freemiums games, monthly payments in order to play online a good game, and now an auto-pause system in consoles? What the hell is wrong with developers now days? Oh if we let them speak they will say that it's all piracy fault...

Damned Fuckers

Sony is above greed its a form of anarchism what they want to do with the industry, you can practically blame the Digital Millenniums act purely on Sony. They introduced DRM and a plethora of restrictive technologies/services, I wonder whats next maybe they plan on helping Google design spy satellites.



Wow Sony dig a bigger grave for the PS4 already. Well at least if developers timelines can be trusted we might not see this system for another 3 years,. 2 years after the Xbox 720, Wii U and computers have dominated the market.

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