Sony: PS Vita Sales Are Weak But Customers Love It

Sony's PlayStation Vita underwhelming first week sales of 320,000 has only gone south since then till it reached 43,000 units per week a fortnight later. This fact however doesn't seem to bother Sony's hardware marketing head, John Koller, who is content with looking at other metrics.

"If you look at the word-of-mouth factor, it's really strong because people are bringing it home and really enjoying it," he said. "That satisfaction rate is really high. But also in terms of when we funnel in additional hardware units, that'll dictate how many sales there are and how many sell through."

"We're still in the first couple weeks, and we're trying to get as many units into market as possible. We're going to give it some time, but overall those numbers have been to forecast."

"What we really wanted to do, and I think we learned from past, most recent, handheld device launches, is that you don't want to launch strongly and then go dark for three or four months and have nothing," Koller noted.

Interestingly, the year old Nintendo 3DS is has beaten PlayStation Vita in weekly sales consistently since its launch.

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lol android and iphone games are like flash games from kongregate. They're no match for nintendo's or sony's games. Please stop comparing those dummy stone age games to real edge gaming. Although I do like flash games too, I know the diference between these two classes. And playing on tablets, please.. it's just awful.

lol spoken like a noob who

lol spoken like a noob who has never played an android/iphone game before...Id say the graphics on smart phones are up to the first gen PSP quality or better, from the 2 games that i played. Controls aren't half bad either. Yeah those two games were racing games but still the controls and graphics were great, gameplay was also great, and for $1.00 i definitely won't complain. You know the full dead space 1 and 2 are available on smartphones.....i dunno if you can call that a flash game but believe whatever you want. The only thing that would be useful for a smartphone is add on controllers, which is definitely very easy to do with bluetooth ready and micro usb ports readily available. Like I said, theres no point in the psp vita, get an iphone 4s. The nintendo 3ds on the other hand is harder to replace since nintendo games will have a place for a long time.

No one Cares about the Vita

The Vita is Overpriced... I'm not surprised it's selling poor;y. I'd rather have a kick ass Tablet than a Vita. Sony Are Greedy Bastards and now their paying for it. The Vita shouldn't be over 250$ and at that price point.. I'd rather have a Ps3 instead. I don't care how good the Vita is, Vita better be released at under 200$ or face certain failure.

its a shame....handheld video

its a shame....handheld video game devices are going to be beaten by smartphones...Either nintendo and sony compete with smartphones or they die out. There is no middle ground. Nintendo has a slight advantage since they have nintendo games that people really love. But sony on the other hand is all about 3rd party, I can see they will have alot of trouble. I do have to praise sony though, it looks like the vita can double up as a phone while nintendo will remain true to their core as long as they're able to. The next gen handheld devices will be interesting I think since Nintendo will be forced to compete with the iphones and the samsung galaxies.

Yes everybody is talking

Yes everybody is talking about thats why the sales are so strong???? ok..yeah...whatever. Its to expensive for a portable console and the fact nintendo offer glasses free 3D...thats a bonus. The vita is too close to the price of a ps3.


MSfanboys or whatever, you have to admit, Sony Computer Entertainment doesn't have a great track record for public relations. Good hardware, terrible EULA. Their failure to manage PlayStation network fairly, the annoying way they are trying to marginalize second hand games, the paranoid lengths they go to for the sake of anti-piracy come to mind.

I dunno, if you really need a handheld, go for it.

I agree, but the vita really

I agree, but the vita really deserves a healthy fan base, this thing is as worthy as handhelds get. With the psp I can see the errors of why it wasn't a big seller, but what the psp wasn't, the vita is, and more. It would really suck to see this thing going to waste.

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