Square Enix: DRM Will Stay As Long As It Increases Profit

A few years ago, companies such as Ubisoft forced extreme DRM systems such as Starforce unto their customers before discovering the hard way around that that did them more harm than good.

Today, nearly two years after Ubisoft listened to its customers and dialed down its DRM intensity, Square Enix America’s Senior Manager of Business and Legal Affairs Adam Sullivan put it bluntly: the company's games will always be protected by DRM for one simple goal: to maximize profit.

“The primary benefit to us is the same as with any business: profit,” he explained candidly.

“We have a well-known reputation for being very protective of our IPs, which does deter many would-be pirates,” he claimed. “However, effectiveness is notoriously difficult to measure — in short, we rely on the data available to us through our sales team and various vendors, along with consumer feedback.”

Needless to say, consumer feedback regarding DRM is usually negative and Sullivan knows it. “The key to DRM is that it can’t interfere with the customer’s ability to play the game,” he said. “It’s not uncommon for people to get a new computer every few years, or to have multiple computers. Sometimes they don’t have reliable internet connections. There’s no perfect solution yet.”

Nonetheless, DRM is here to stay as far as Square Enix is concerned. “So long as we’re concerned about things like data privacy, accounting sharing and hacking, we’ll need some form of DRM,” the company's head of Legal Affairs asserted.

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what they fail to realize is

what they fail to realize is that word of mouth is th most effective form of advertising and by "protecting their IP" they are almost disabling this form of free advertisement ; if they continue to produce crap games this wont effect them, but if they make a good game again then the profit losses could very well be in the millions

oh that's a brilliant

oh that's a brilliant statement of the obvious, mr. business manager. now just tell me how you measure the profit of DRM? are you going to include a survey during the game activation: "did you buy this game after failing to get an illegal copy running first?"

DRM install limits = no buy ever.

LOL. 90%+ of people that pirate the game will either never buy it because they can't afford it or will buy it if they like it and can afford it. The only reason DRM that has install limits is to stop the customer from lending the game to a fried or reselling the game.

What a dumbass.

Kinda ironic isn't it that a few days ago I just read a post on here about how poorly Square Enix is & has been performing. File sharers are not "pirates". Claiming DRM stops/reduces/deters file sharing is like claiming that the DEA has any effect on drug use. Sharers gon' share *****. You don't own digital code. It's infinitely reproducible & anyone that likes whatever it is you try to do for a living will want to help you to keep doing it. Usually though, the greedy **** bags that only care about profit, or primarily care about profit like you admitted you do, are the ones making garbage, naively "protected" with DRM that only *******off the people that want to pay you for what you do. All while sharers jus' keep on keepin' on, like they's always gonna. There is no other industry that I know of that goes to ANY length to prevent the resale of a product. Only in the completely unnecessary & expendable entertainment industry is there so much greed. We can all survive without video games. We like 'em, but if you wanna guarantee revenue, get a real ******* job producing what's NEEDED, rather than just what's WANTED. Idiot. You're not that valuable & your recent performance proves that to be true even within your own industry. So get **** ******.

They never think it through.

DRM is a necessary evil on PC gaming. And with necessary evils you want to avoid them as much as possible. So you probably don't want them on console games. I already only buy a handful of games on PC every year simply because I can't resell them so there is no way to recoup any funds. A console game i see as a wasted purchase I can at least resell on ebay.


This is how I spot moronic people. They get a smart nickname then they're calling others idiots while they always fail to provide any arguments on the table.. must be too difficult.
You voted 'no'.


and i will continue to NOT buy your games. I will however continue PIRATING YOUR ********** games. So go ahead, keep your DRM. Doesn't bother me....it actually saves me money.

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