Square Enix Self-Censors Western Bravely Default

IGN Forum member, BangSilverGang has noticed that the European version of Bravely Default was tweaked/censored to make the outfits of a couple of characters less revealing.

The image above, provided by BangSilverGang, has the western characters on the left side and their original Japanese counterparts on the right.

Square Enix has also raised the age of one character, Edea from 15 years to 18 and altered some dialogue to tone down sexual innuendos.

While those changes can rightfully be seen as a form of self-censorship, it should be noted that Dead or Alive: Dimensions couldn't be released in parts of Europe because some of its risqué characters where underage.

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I dislike hypocrisy

I never really understood you people, on one hand you promote tolerance and diplomacy, then the very next second you do away with it all. You act as though you haven't had sex yet, let's face it, there isn't anything you haven't done or seen, you've did it all, seen it all, why get up in arms about this?! People here are getting really nasty to Japanese people, especially about that bloke who married some game character, that's not too bad, being gay is worse! Come on, they're not that perverted, especially when we actually buy their games more when they make it more perverted, we lead the way in that, we have the biggest porn industry, that's fact; California (or like I call it, Californiator) is the location of some X amount of blue movies daily. The saying that "sex sells" wasn't coined in Japan. Let's not forget our nude beaches, nude cruises, singles clubs, massage parlours, nude flights, sex theatres, escorts and the list goes on. Besides, most of the sex tourists happen to be rich western people, not to forget that most paedophiles going to poor countries to abuse children are also western/european/white/lonely/ugly/stupid/immoral/rich etc.

Your screwed up homophobia

Your screwed up homophobia aside, american porn is pretty much correct, as in, they hire people who are 18 or older to do it. In Japan they do the same for movies, but when it comes to cartoons, games, novels and other forms of media its all about underage girls dressed in school uniforms or skimpy outfits. Not to mention some pretty unique issues and crimes they have over there like old men breaking into schools to oggle at girls, underwear thieves and other ****....


In Japan there is no such thing as - rape, same sex marriage, pedophilia, trans genders, orgies, sucky sucky etc.. Its everything at once, they can get away with it because their laws don't include dictionary words. Their like the Ferengi, can't understand why the Federation requires woman to be clothed.

I love the hypocrisy in here.

I love the hypocrisy in here. "Imaginary characters are showing some skin, creepy creepy!" I bet all of you love the most violent video games you can get a hold of. Because mental masturbation about pain and blood isn't creepy, right?


Ain't no defence for it! **** it though, why do they even put outfits like that on characters, particularly if they are underage? Well Good effort Square Enix I guess, though they could have gone further.

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