Survey Shows Consumers Are More Interested In PS4 Than Xbox One

Perhaps unsurprisingly, customer surveys are showing that gamers are more interested in PlayStation 4 than Xbox One and that both consoles are light years ahead of Wii U in terms of buying intentions.

After surveying more than 5,000 players, Intergi Entertainment found that 58% are planning to buy a PlayStation 4 soon, 39% are planning to buy an Xbox One while 1% only are considering Wii U.

In fact, PlayStation 4 was consistently on the lead for most of the survey. 51% of the survey respondents preferred PlayStation 4 design while 36% preferred Xbox design. Similarly, 51% believe that Dual Shock 4 touch pad is the best controller innovation and 50% believe that PS4's launch lineup is superior while 35% are content that Xbox One controller's Rumble Triggers are the best innovation and 48% agree that Microsoft's console has the best launch lineup.

As for Wii U, on 1% preferred its design, 14% found its gamepad the most innovative and 2% agree that its game lineup is great.

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5,000 huh?

5,000 samples out of the entire gaming demographic sounds like it's gonna be super accurate. Don't see any mistake or bias here. Nope. Just good ol' sound science.

That's how opinion polls are

That's how opinion polls are conducted all over the world for various diffferent purposes, be it consumer buying intention or politics. Welcome to rl where interviewing millions of people is not economically feasible nor statistically important.

Rigged or misinformed....

This only reflects how systems were presented at announce and the whole fiasco with always on to play games on xbox and sony just playing it and winning over potentials. To be honest ps4 is only slightly more powerful but both systems are more than capable to play all these so called next gen games. (Sorry, my pc is playing all these games flawlessly so im not rushing to get any systems till more exclusives get released). Xbox1 may have been leaked but we need to wait till things go live and see who performs the best and gives the better experience


Statistics like these usually almost have some political drive behind them, give it another year when suddenly PS4 starts losing its user base because its bored. Then what? Everyone joins the Xbox One band wagon!

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