Syndicate Banned In Australia For Being Gruesomely Awesome

Despite all the discussions there and Government's decision to introduce 18+ Adults Only rating to the country's rating system, the notorious Australian Classification Board has denied gamers access to yet another promising game: Syndicate.

As usual, the Australian Classification Board banned the game by refusing to grant it an age rating, arguing that it doesn't suit the country's current maximum rating of MA 15+. The board issued a report that largely blamed the game's extreme violence for making it unsuitable for Australian teenagers at the age of 15.

"Combatants take locational damage and can be explicitly dismembered, decapitated or bisected by the force of the gunfire," the report notes. "The depictions are accompanied by copious bloodspray and injuries are shown realistically and with detail. Flesh and bone are often exposed while arterial sprays of blood continue to spirt from wounds at regular intervals."

EA has no intention to appeal the decision or to alter the game. "The game will not be available in Australia despite its enthusiastic response from fans. We were encouraged by the government's recent agreement to adopt an 18+ age rating for games. However, delays continue to force an arcane censorship on games - cuts that would never be imposed on books or movies," EA corporate communications exec Tiffany Steckler made it clear. "We urge policy makers to take swift action to implement an updated policy that reflects today's market and gives its millions of adult consumers the right to make their own content choices."

To be honest, after reading the Australian board's report we can't wait to put our hands on Syndicate. The game is scheduled for release on February 21 in North America and February 24 in Europe.

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Sorry, unless they are 13 years of age? I can't see how anyone can survive playing it without Vivarin & 3 cases of Pepsi. DEAD SPACE lives up to it's name...dead. Anyone who plays that game more than likely think Nintendo is still the bomb (yawn) Sorry talking about this game is already making me tired.

what u mean...banned not

what u mean...banned not prohibited...of course u can buy it when its just come out...after some time the goverment will think this game is too cruel so they banned it...the first version is already sold


My morals stop me from committing atrocities, but being desensitized will let me sleep at night after I kill a home invader/rapist. Simple as that.

Okay, look at video games

Okay, look at video games violence then look at actual real life violence. Lets say.... someone killing them self. There was a politician that shot himself on camera during... whatever they were doing I can't remember. However, when I saw it I was actually a bit disturbed and I have been playing these types of games for years. Don't give me that "Some people blah blah blah" because whatever anybody can say to argue this is illogical. If somebody is going to shoot another person, they are going to regardless of whether they play graphic video games or not.

You're a fool for believing

You're a fool for believing such drivel. There is no evidence to support that violent games make people develop aggressive tendencies, or become violent. If anything, it reduces such tendencies, because they're being released and directed in a controlled environment.

Firstly before I get attacked

Firstly before I get attacked from being from a different country as someone else I'm English. Also there's nothing wrong with being patriotic either. It's not the games that make people violent, it's already in them. If people see a rape on tv or in a game and think its ok to do it for real then they are just sick to begin with

Unreal Tournament

I can't understand why they would ban this game. That means they definitely banned Unreal Tournament because that is the only game I have seen in North America with the rating AO(Adults Only) 21+. No joke, anybody who still has an original copy like myself will tell you the same. lol


Every country has its own policies, Including a board of people who are the spitting image of over protective and are completely distraught by any realism in a game

Funny shit

Haha.. Just came across this site by mistake.. You guys are fucking hilarious. "Countries invade for resources, that's just how it works".. Hahaha, you clown.

Reason being....

I will have to say, I am ashamed to be human at this point. Everyone bickering about a game, and country vs. country. Aussies are bad, no Americans are bad.. blah blah.. All this drivel about who is better than who should be done. The reason they are banning this is SIMPLE. The more desensitized people become the more likely they are to commit a heinous crime.. vicious murder.. brutal rape. As they see it in a game, it's easier to cope with. They have already proven this. Those who are not exposed to gore, violence, rape.. and the like, are taken back by seeing it. And No not every single person subjected to these games are likely to engage is violence, but there are select few who do get off on it.


This is a very ignorant and disturbing view that usually comes from senior citizens that do not understand video games and usually have not ever even played one them self. As an adult gamer, part of the appeal of video games is that I can do things in a game that I would never dream about doing in real life. In that sense it is very much an outlet and a way to relieve built up stress and aggression. I cannot speak for everyone else, but for me it is very much the exact opposite as what you claim. Rather than blowing off steam on real people, I can do it on digital pixels. More importantly, as an adult, I don't really feel that anyone should be trying to dictate what I can or cannot have in the games I play. I can understand the desire for some people to keep specific content from their children, but that is supposed to be the reason for the rating system, and parents should pay attention to the ratings. The problem is that too many people have this mindset that only kids play video games and that is simply not accurate. There are much larger numbers of adult gamers that play games, and should be able to have adult content in their games if they choose, whether you or anyone else approves of it or not.


wat tests are you talking about? what proof? that is utter bs and its ignorant people like you that believe everything they read as true that are turning this planet back to the dark ages, its simple, gaming dosnt make you violent, your upbringing and surroundings and the general outcome of your life is what brings about those tendancies and what type of a person you might be, i dont play grand theft auto and think "i could do this in real life" because in real life their are consequences and gamers know that, they arnt so stupid that they are going to ignore the rules of real life, you can also fly a car in grand theft auto, but i would assume the laws of physics have changed outside my front door because it can in a game, games will progress and get better and more exciting and different ones will suit different types of people. but that game was no more gory than the second aliens movie, was that banned in austrailia? honest question, but action movies with violence and real people is seen daily, but now a version made up of zero's and one's (computer code) is somehow worse and desensitizes people? get a grip of yourself and come back to the real world will you, use common sense not made up posts and comments uve read that say utter bs is fact

Oh really? What games did

Oh really? What games did they use to prove that playing games with brutal rape desensitized people to brutal rape? Yeah. You're full of it. There are plenty of research studies that claim that they prove connections between video game violence and real violence, but if you actually read them they're typically very biased and only pursue angles that will potentially back up their point of view with results that are always vague and lacking in any kind of solid evidence. I could ask you to show me an accredited source here, one that you've actually read and that has any kind of real evidence linking video games to violence beyond the usual "we made a bunch of random uninvestigated 10 year olds play Call of Duty for 3 hours and they showed slight signs of aggression for 30 minutes afterwards", but there aren't any. You, like the politicians that back these studies, could use less drama and more actual research. Take a look at some of the numerous studies by Dr. Christopher Ferguson on the subjects of youth violence and video game violence, for example, if you want to learn something.

the hell man

dude ya sure a select few meaning 1 in a million and they don't kill or rape because of a vidieo game they do it because they either don't know better or they don't give a shit or even that they have been trained for it

that's for sure

Probably not a good hiding place... Just saying if they found em probably time to move em. Suggestion: take a knife to the thin fabric covering the bottom of your box-spring and stash them there... That'll take your kids a couple of weeks to figure out

The Sad Truth

I can't understand the hostility between two very similar nations. The United States and Australia have the same parents after all. We build this country with blood, sweat, and tears from the ground up the same way you did. This isn't about whos better. The citizens are not responsible for the state of either of our nations. It's those money hungry few that have no compassion for humanity. Money is all that matters this day and age. It is the true problem with not only a few nations, but the world.

Part of the reason for the

Part of the reason for the ban is Australia had a string of mass shootings until 1996, similar to what the Us is experiencing now. The government sent over the 320 million changing public opinion about firearm ownership, specifically semi-automatic long barreled rifles. Enforced a ban which dropped gun violence and gun suicide to near non-existent numbers. So games that glorify extreme gun violence or may present gun violence in an entertaining way or present gun violence in graphic detail, are met with extreme opposition. Some other games banned for similar reasons 50 cent: bulletproof , Dark sector (unrated version), Left for Dead 2,Necrovision, Postal, Postal 2, Shellshock 2. In addition they also frequently ban games or require them to be edited for content that involves sex or drugs.

What are you talking about?

It is a FPS. You are shooting people through out the entire game. How does that not depict violence. Simply saying it could be worse isn't an argument. The point is that any games where the focus is guns and shooting them will be banned in Australia. I'm not saying it is correct or helping their issues as a country, they have statistics for that. I'm just saying you're an idiot.



The australian government

The australian government bans all my favourite things games... poi... And the list goes on I wish they would pull there finger out of there arse and realise that we love in a society that has way too many laws :( -the sad Aussie


That's disgusting and disturbing. Why people enjoy that stuff is beyond me. It's a sick society. I'd rather have a view of a beautiful women than to see this stuff.


Well, to be honest, I get frustrated kinda easily, I want to do something violent sometimes, but, it wouldn't be very nice to hurt someone, and usually would waste much more time. So, when I get that feeling, I play violent games to channel that frustration, afterward, I feel great and happy, I've relieved anger without hurting anyone. Others simply like the scenery, which I get most of the time.

Look at history. Violence

Look at history. Violence didn't start because video games you fucking dumbass. people used to watch gladiators fucking kill each other back in the day so please tell me what games they where playing back then?

A sick soceity? Because we

A sick soceity? Because we like to play violent video-games? Yet all the real life shit going on is just dandy, whole villages are being burned to the ground, women raped and children slaughtered, but its okay because its just real life, video games are what make people evil right? Fuckin Ignorant

Exactly you moron. Sick

Exactly you moron. Sick assholes like yourselves who like to enjoy real people misfortune. I bet you like seeing the people you listed in their worst of times. I also bet a friend of yours shows you a ugy whos been head shotted for real and you get your jollys off. You thrive on that shit I bet like a single man in an orgy with woman. Oh but here is the kicker, I bet you anything that if the game shows a boob you go off like a little pussy.


You're an idiot. Gamers who play these games don't enjoy real people's misfortunes. We play games because we want to have fun! Video games are FICTIONAL. No one is actually hurt because of games. Besides, the really good games have great stories along with the violence. If you don't like a game, don't play it. Plain and simple.


People play these games for fun. Apparently i'm supposed to feel bad for shooting a collection of pixels with my weapon made of pixels? Not today ignorant citizens. Go back to being sheep in an over-censored world believing everything to be sunshine and rainbows


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