Temple Run Makes 5X More Revenue After Switching To Freemium Model

Making the simple but bold transition from paid to freemium model has increased Imangi Studio's revenue by five folds.

Speakin about their iOS game, Temple Run, Imangi Studios co-founder Natalia Luckyanova explained that "The revenue immediately went up about 5x when we set the app free."

"Keeping it free was a no-brainer," he added.

Temple Run was being sold for 69p before making the switch. "At this point, we had little to lose, so we decided to try going free, which is the option we had in our back pocket from the start," Natalia explained. "If nothing else, we figured we'd have more people playing the game. If the revenue is similar, it's always better to have more players."

Temple Run is now the top downloaded free app on the iPhone Store and it makes its revenues from advertisement and from selling character upgrades.

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The Truth

Paying to unlock characters and levels/progression totally ruins immersion in games. Paying outright or a subscription based service is the only viable model for games that expect to be taken seriously. For casual games and money laundering/making games then microtransactions is justified.

Oh and remember to put top downloaded into perspective. This isn't the most downloaded app of all time, nor is it the most downloaded app of the year. Heck my friend made a most downloaded app on the apple store (most downloaded app on a day, for a day).

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