Titanfall may get new game modes soon

Titanfall may have struggled a little after its initial avalanche of praise and purchases, with game modes being scrapped because they were entirely unpopular, but that doesn't mean the developers aren't holding out hope for a revival. In the latest patch were some hidden references to game modes currently not found in the game. Whether they're coming tomorrow or in six months we don't know, but they do offer some potential insight into its development direction.

Discovered by NeoGAF user RazorUK, the following game modes could show up in the game at some point:

  • Wingman Last Titan Standing: last team with Titans standing wins
  • Marked for Death: Kill the marked pilot
  • Titan Tag: There's no description for this one, but it seems obvious what it will be
  • Capture the Titan: Capture the Titan and bring it to your home base
  • Bodyguard: Some kind of Titan escort mission
  • Big Brother: Attack and defend the control panel

One of those game modes (Marked for Death) was added to the game with this most recent of releases and it's expected that Wingman Last Titan Standing will be the next one to appear. However the other game modes have not been confirmed by Respawn and could be either false or in-development for far future releases.

For now we don't have the full story, but we do know that Titanfall isn't done yet.

What do you guys think of these game modes? Would any of them make you step back into your Titan for a few more rounds?

Image Source: Bago games

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Lol, your part of the

Lol, your part of the opposite end of the spectrum. The gamers who hate a game just because it has a little hype......and let me guess....you've never actually tried it.... So yes, you still are a clone, just for the opposite side.


There is such thing as a sucker. I don't get your logic. It's like calling a person a clone for not handing his cash for a product he perceived as lame after researching and using his common sense. Some people are just smart to piece it together and wait till all the hype dies down before throwing in their hard earned cash.

Well said.

Well said. Lets face it guys, lets consider the last 2 decades of gaming, can you really say that many games today are worthy of your cash? The answer, no matter how hard they are hyped, the end result will always be disappointing. I would go as far as to say that the true best games, the most enjoyable interactive digital experiences, have actually not been hyped in the slightest. These games will always get my attention as there is no claims of brilliance on my behalf.

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