True Crime PC Online, Music and More

Activision is letting everyone know that True Crime : Streets of LA is in the final stretch, expected on May 11, by releasing a wealth of information on the new features available for the PC version.
First the publisher released details of Luxoflux's multiplayer options, some shots of which you can see by following the screens tab above, including some preliminary description of the modes. Online play will be available in 5 separate modes which, if we accept the pre-release hype, are quite distinct.
Street Racing Mode will allow players to indulge in pure driving fun in a variety of checkpoint races through L.A. with the ability to modify traffic and guns.
Dojo Master will be a hand-to-hand combat mode while Battle Master will be similar but will also allow weapons, giving gamers the chance to try out the new, PC exclusive, weapons such as the rocket launcher and the crossbow.
Details of the other modes have not yet been disclosed since Activision want to keep some information as a surprise.

The next revelation, which came a bit earlier, is that the game will introduce nine new skins originating from other Activision titles, which will be used in single or multiplayer modes once unlocked. So expect characters from Tenchu and Tony Hawk, as well as some original new skins to spice things up.

Finally Activision announced that the PC version will include 30 new tracks which will add a hard-rock theme to the, predominantly, hip-hop sound of the original console game. Tracks from Alice In Chains, Queensryche, Spineshank and Stone Sour will be among the new additions.

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