Ubisoft CEO: Gamers Want Always-Connected Games

Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat believes that gamers want second screen and always connected games and that those would be the two most important features of next-gen consoles.

"We have to craft our experiences around the way people are now consuming entertainment," he said. "Look at TV. I'm pretty sure you watch TV with a second screen on, be it a tablet or a smartphone, so we know that consumers are ready to consume 90 minutes of entertainment in 45 minutes -- if you know what I mean."

Mallat was then asked about always-online games. "I would suspect that the audience is ready," he answered. “As soon as players don't have to worry [about connectivity], then they will only take into account the benefits that those services bring. And I agree, these services need to provide clear benefits. It's important to be able to provide direct connections between us and our consumers, whether that's extra content or online services, a lot of successful games have that.”

Mallat also likes to keep the player immersed in the game even when he is not playing it. This can be achieved thanks to “companion games” on tablets, mobiles and other second screen devices.

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all of the gaming online

i do not play any games online and will not i will not buy a online game at all and i am finding a lot of people don't like to play online the gaming companys are out of touch with the people that it is not funny any more


sry, but this is angering. i had such nightmarish time with UBIs drms, always online crap. I buy their game try to get it to run for 2 hours, find some patches that are done by third parties (patches not cracks) that even make things playable. Then play half the game and get STUCK!!! by a game glitch, no way to go back unless start from beginning. Great, waiting for patch for 6 months. PatchES come, same glitch is present. - yes im talking about HOMM6 that i pad 55Eur for deluxe edition. How is this possible? Saddest part is that it is not the single instance, repeated fail, locked CD keys(*** creed, stopped playing any series because of getting raped in AC3); log in to play this or that (their ubi crap that always needs to update), really really nightmarish to manage UBI account. TLDR: UBI, YOU are the last company to talk about ALWAYS ON. This is most likely no more than a gimmic to pich for investors but adds another 10% probability that it will not work for all people. You on the other hand probably think its perfect way to make more money as people wont be able to rent/lend games. Somehow I doubt it adds up.

...and this level is bought to you by.....

Always on is not only so they can clamp down on piracy and keep an eye on what you are doing but also so they can feed you in game ads. I swear, just look at Xbox Live. Ever since they redesigned the dashboard I now see ads running in some of the squares. Always on games will mean in game ads! Mark my words!

Always online.

I have had the Xbox360 from day one. I am a gamer and will be till I die. Now I am sure most of you have xbox live ? So what is the difference of being online now and not wanting to be then ? Really I don't see where the **** problem is other then people jumping on a band wagon with a ****** driving it? please tell me where the issue is because my head must be up my *** and I can not see the problem.

Not as bad as characterized

I think the biggest point to take away from what he said is that game companies need to make a compelling reason for the always-on scheme. He also mentioned that connectivity is still an issue. I don't see why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch since this is one of the most tame and reasonable comments I've read regarding always-on. Still stupid to do it for SP games though.

Pay to get shafted.

And when people don't buy the games because of that BS they will blame pirating. Pirated VS payed, pirated runs with no problems with no extra stupid unnecessary software. I bought so many games and only few work like they should and for the rest I got shafted because I payed. 95% make you go trough crap.

Oh man

This guy is going to get so much hate mail lol. Man, i'm sure there is a conspiracy in all this debate about being online all the time somewhere... Those people just don't get it...


Always connected? No. To be all time watched? No... I'm not buying game with it that spyware in. This guy is just pushing this feature that actually just comes to an advantage for him and his buddies, of course.

I get that we have to be

I get that we have to be connected for somethings. multiplayer games are no drainers, but I don't want to be connected when I'm doing solo things like single player and don't want to be bothered. I don't want my system to have to always be connected in order to use it for simple things.

How do people come up with this?

Just admit it the only reason you want always connected is anti piracy crap! I don't steal games and there for I should not be treated as a criminal. If you lose connection your booted from the game that's bull crap. Are you going to pay for my internet access so I can play a game I paid for?


I love this. This happens everytime the industry wants to force feed the community crap it doesn't want. Like putting multiplayer in EVERYTHING and abandoning single player. Listen I understand companies are full of $hit and have zero capacity to listen to or satisfy consumer wants properly, but please, PLEASE don't lie to my face about what I WANT. YOU want always on for your profitability and anti piracy (cause god forbid you charge better prices to open the market up, no no, just get a choke hold on the industry instead and price bully us PLEASE) features. Shut up or tell the truth Ubisoft. All of you. Just shut up, or speak the truth. Stop this bull$hit antiseptic care charade.

You do realize...

Gonna go on a limb here, but just how many of you guys even play multiplayer games? If you don't than I can understand not wanting to deal with Always online kind of features if you are say playing a single player only kind of game experience. Well Sadly for you most console gamers aren't there for the single player experience. It's all about the multiplayer, and since you already have to be connected online to play said multiplayer its pretty pointless to argue about it.

I agree with your position on

I agree with your position on this in regards to console games. However, you don't really utilize the always online aspect until you are playing in multiplayer mode so what is the justification for always one again outside of combating against piracy which is just as big of a joke as the war on drugs? If piracy is what is in their sight's than I suggest they go a different route and greatly reduce their prices, people seem to be more keen to not obtain titles through a legit means when this happens but it also increases the consumer base which compensate for the "lost profits" since they reduced the price...remember 2k games until EA steam rolled them?


Seriously, where the **** do these guys come up with such random crap. "GAMERS WANT ALWAYS CONNECTED GAMES" Yes Ubisoft that's right, I hate playing game's when my internet is off, I love those ******* popup's asking "do you want to share your score" every two minutes. Congratulations Ubi, Your just as retarded as EA, you two should hang out... not that it would do any good because between the both of you, you would still manage to **** up a good game.

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