Ubisoft Expects 3D TVs In Most Homes By 2013

Ubisoft appears to be confident that 3D TV will be a commonplace item in most homes within 3 years.

"The truth is I think it is a technology that's coming. We can't ignore it. It'll start slowly this year. But like HDTV I wouldn't rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone's living room in three year's time," Ubisoft UK head of marketing Murray Pannel said.

Ubisoft has certainly put its money where its mouth is with the release of the ill received Avatar game last year.

Pannel's predictions are more optimistic than Sony's own survey results which estimated that 40% of TVs will be 3D by 2014 and recent polls which found that only one third of consumers intend to buy a 3D TV.

"For the naysayers, if you like, I would say, 'Just watch this space'," Pannel defended his point of view. "You have global corporations like Sony pushing 3D as hard as they possibly can, Sky showcasing 3D content on TV. I believe it will become a much more important part of consumer electronics than a lot of people believe."

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Geez, I still have a CRT from 1993, and an HDTV from 2008. And now they're trying to (but failing) to convince me to get these extremely expensive load of LCDs...Oh and If it were 3d i could go behind the tv and see someone's ****. It's just shadows,darn it

no more wine, i like beer.

I have a 3d tv, and its awesome, actually way easier to see the proper 3d effect on a tv, looks better than the theater. no ghosting whatsoever.

Its just a feature guys, it's not like you have to use the 3d on everything, its just there for when you want to use it, stop bashing it and give a chance.

"Commonplace in most homes by

"Commonplace in most homes by 2013"? Considering most 3D TV's I've seen cost as much as a down payment on a Lexus, I think that's a very overly-generous estimation.

Hell, most families I know have at best maybe one decent $1100 42" LCD television in their home and two crappy $150 19" ones that are only a small step above a CRT set from 1989.

Oh well, I guess the corporations need to have their fun before Amurrika becomes a Worker's Paradise.

"I believe it will become a

"I believe it will become a much more important part of consumer electronics than a lot of people believe"

do you understand the meaning of the word consumer? if the people(consumer) don't think its important(ie not worth buying) then it is not important, because they are the ones buying which makes it important.

3d isn't all that amazing and the exorbitant cost associated with it is not worth it, with so little content. maybe in 5+ years you'll see 3d being in 50% of homes but never will it be 100, many arnt even hd yet. and anyone who's bought an hdtv in the last 2 years isn't going to waste money on a new 3d tv for a while



Now seriously. Go right ahead if you want to look like an idiot and get that 3D TV with those extra crap that'll make you feel uncomfortable from the glasses digging into your temple and worn out from eye fatigue. It would make me feel better, it certainly would.

Projected 3D imaging is already closer to reality than you think. 3DTV's are just a mockery of modern technology and I cannot see it going well off into the future.

3DTV rubbish

3D TV's in their current form are just a buzz word. There is no substance. The 3D effect is rubbish. 2D will always have a place and for a lot of purists will never bother with a 3D TV or if it has the feature - will never enable it.

oh come on my parents are

oh come on my parents are still using a 27" crt tv. and anyone who's recently spent a few thousand on a new hdtv isn't likely to get a 3d hdtv for a while and especially not until theres way more uses for it than a few lame movies and games. 3d will take over but I'd say sony is closed 40% within 4 years, but you'll likely never get over 90% even if you only count people who would watch 3d movies/play 3d games


It took more that 6 years or so for everyone to hop on the LCD bandwagon. I highly doubt that after people finish paying off their 50 inch LCD, they are gonna go right back and buy another rip off TV with the 3d gimmick. I don't wanna have to wear 3d glasses all day to watch tv. It is tolerable for a movie every once in a while, but not for every day.

Gimme a break

Are you kidding? The nerds of the world havent even accepted this 3D (wearing glasses) technology yet. I think this is just a marketing ploy to make people not want to be "left in the past". I went to best buy and tryed on the goggles and the 3d pictures are still somewhat blury.

I think sony is trying to push retro technology on the public because their stocks have been falling steadly since 2005. It's a cheap way to mark up their already overpriced tv's.

This is not innovation and i cannot see the public with these economical times rush out to spurge their money on this technology.

I wouldn't doubt that this announcement made by Ubisoft isn't just a way for them to get on the good side of sony. Game publishers do this all the time. I'd like to see the guy who made this statement wear a set of goggles for 2-6 hours daily and tell me how great it is.

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