Unreal Engine 4 Video Gives Better Look at Next Gen

Epic Games has revealed the full demo video of its next-generation Unreal 4 Engine, showing of some advanced new lighting effects, impressive draw distance and objects that are far more reactionary to their environment than before.

While we did get a first look at a few images from the video just over a week ago, it's only really now, with the full motion animation that some of the effects can be appreciated.

The most obvious and eye candy like of the new features are the GPU particles. Being able to bring to bear graphics card acceleration in this area allows for many more small scale particles, like dust motes and magical swirly stuff. That's right, that beautiful, bitty, purple or green dust that always appears in games when magic is afoot, can now be rendered in real-time without a pre-determined animation.

Along with these are some much more advanced lighting effects. Secondary reflections and translucency have much more affect on the scene, allowing for increased realism in each of the demo's interior and exterior shots. Coupled with the new particle effects and tweaked volumetric lighting and there are some quite breathtaking scenes in the demo.

However it's only in the developer video released alongside the UE4 engine demo that we can see other graphical advances with this new engine. The improved day/night cycle system has far more lifelike lighting changes and the ability to move in and out of the editor mode at ease, should mean those licensing Epic's next-gen engine will have a far easier time editing together these pretty new effects.

The lava looks great too. Very gloopy and heavy.

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And exactly how many of these

And exactly how many of these games use DX11 ? Most games are still using 10 and some still 9. (****://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_DirectX_11_support) I could be wrong but as far as I know Windows 8 will still ship wit DX11 and there is no talk of 12.

mixed bag..

Sure it looks pretty but it`s also a giant cut scene. after seeing the tedium that is mass effect 3 where for 40 hours you barely get to interact or fight with anything this does indeed look exactly what developers are after. a pretty graphics engine to avoid coding gameplay. Dunno why this is what people want but it seems with multi million dollar game developments, gameplay is the last thing on their mind. Still, very pretty indeed.

Raw power is useless on consoles

The same physical hardware on console is not limited by DirectX instruction sets, and can be used by fully accessing the hardware (that's a thing that you can only do on Consoles)

The PS3 still has a **** OLD GeForce 3/4 architecture inside is belly and even the XBOX360 implement an OLD AMD Radeon HD like chip

The only difference is the Wii that is underpowered and it's just a restyle of the old Gamecube

Just think about what it was possible to do under Windows 95 with a VooDoo card when using Glides (completely outperforning DirectX)

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