Updated: Titanfall getting live action content

Update: Here it is.

Original Story: Titanfall is launching tomorrow and boy oh boy is the internet excited, but so are the developers it seems, as to celebrate its midnight launch, they're also showing off a teaser trailer for some live action content set in the Titanfall universe and made by the same people that brought you Video Game High School.

We don't know whether we're looking at a live action pseudo-movie like the recent Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, or a longer running series, but what we do know is that we're getting a teaser for it at the stroke of midnight (GMT), that's six and a bit hours from now. If you want to have a look yourself, it's over at Yourtitanisready.com.

“Titanfall is set in a rich near future universe with visceral, epic battles with Pilots and their Titan companions” said Dusty Welch of Respawn. “We wanted to partner with Playfight, who has a history of delivering movies that meld gameplay, live action and stellar CG into truly entertaining media, for Titanfall. What this collaboration brings is yet to unfold.”

The site also talks up the team behind the production, Playfight, which handled Video Game High School and a few other productions.

While VGHS was a bit tongue in cheek compared to Titanfall's rather bleak setting, it did do some great work with low budget special effects and they clearly know games. It could be a good match. What do you guys think?

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not sure

I almost bought into the hype and bought an xbox one but then I thought to myself, how much different could this system be compared to any other system out there. Sure their are exclusives but, It's all the same thing but with a different storyline or slightly different control scheme. In the end, it is all the same crap.I tell my son all the time while he is playing a COD game that this first person shooter concept has been the same for 15 years. Of course he shrugs his shoulders and continues to think that it is the best thing since slice bread but, I want something different. Not sure what but, as a gamer for the past 20 years I would think they would have come up with something better by now. The only hope I see is in Oculus Rift or any other VR device that may come out in the future. Just the thought of being totally immersed in a game again gets my blood flowing. Kinda like back in the days before open worlds were common and you thought how cool it would be if you could do almost anything in a game you could think of. However, I have been drinking a bit and in reality, games will be pay as you go because people are stupid enough to do that.


And the few hundred thousand people who actually bought a PS4 (not to be confused with the lies of millions via Sony's Xbox smear campaign) will soon be trading them in for an X1 with Titanfall. Already you can hear the crying replies :D And this will continue for years tocome, all the good exclusives will be X1 just as they were with the Xbox 360, Sony has never had a good exclusive.

What are you talking about

What are you talking about the exclusives on the 360 were terrible rehashed shooters and Viva Pinyãta 0_o Oh wait no I'm wrong they re-released the first Perfect Dark. There we go, it was almost as good as a $30 second hand N64. My three year old dust-collecting 360 is the reason why I refuse to buy into the next gen until someone releases something worth playing (which looks like never because everything good is coming out on Steam/Mac/PC anyway :/).

Its simple Mike think of it

Its simple Mike think of it like Monopoly the board game, Microsoft just owns all the expensive hotels and shortcuts. Outward fanboy image does not apply here, its an internal war between companies, licensing, ownerships and ultimately owning the proverbial bank.

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