Valve Accidently Makes Source SDK Free

Fortunately for the modding community, Valve decided to run a long with a little mistake which led to the full Source Software Development Kit (SDK) being available for free.

The Source SDK was originally available with the purchase of any Source-based game (such as Half-Life 2 and pOrtal). One of those games is Team Fortress 2 which moved over to the free-to-play-micro transactions-supported model recently.

During that transition, Valve didn't notice that the Source SDK is available with the game and so they didn't remove it from the bundle and it became free for all.

Valve decided not to spoil the fortunate accident. "We are in the process of getting it all done. It's a bit messy because we have multiple versions of the SDK, and there are some dependencies we need to shake out," Team Fortress 2 developer Robin Walker wrote in an email. "But yes, the gist of it is that we're just going to go ahead and make the Source SDK freely available."

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I have never been a steam fan, but always a worst foe of DRM. Releasing an SDK for free into the wild opens up opportunities, if they are following in the footsteps of Unreal this could be some hard liquor for competition and finally a way for indie gamers to be in the hot seat.

Props to Valve!

Source can't hold a candle to

Source can't hold a candle to unreal engine tech/feature wise. It just has a much larger userbase because hl2/tf2/css are very popular games. As for indies, you said indie gamers so I assume you mean people who like to play indie games? That would include myself, and it was thanks to certain indie game engines that we've had this increase in indie releases lately (Unity, Torque 3D/Torque 2D, Leadwerks, Shiva 3D).


Man you are a butt load of assumptions: Let me clarify, I was simply talking in terms of Source following in the license model of Unreal. Source actually can hold a light to Unreal, maybe not in the department of trippy graphics and such but it is a complete engine that works on similar principles. As for the definition of indie games development, it is not so much a concern about engines as it is a concern about artists. The 3d art required to pull off a decent title needs talent, a game engine is just a vehicle of delivering that talent. The raw sense of direction, the undertone and the art style is all about the artists.

The question(s) you should be asking "If it fits my budget?" and "How big of a team would I need?" if you can answer those two then it becomes a question of what engine to use.

What defines a proprietary content vs indie? Even simpler to answer fan base and $$


Bethesda usually from Day one released the Full SDK for their games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion and the coming up Skyrim there is even talk that the mods will not be able to be portable to the Consoles so really why is this news who really cares the modding community for the Source engine is not nearly as the The Elder Scrolls community

Wrong in everything...

No, portal didn't come from an intern at valve. Some college students who had nothing to do with valve made a game where you could navigate a dungeon using 2 interconnected portals in 2005 (portal was released in 2007). It was called "Narbacular Drop" and was their senior project at digipen. After the release (of Narbacular Drop) valve hired them to make portal. If you want to talk, make sure you know what you're talking about first kid. Black mesa source is a remake of half life 1 using the source SDK not the hl2 source code (those are different things), again make sure you know what you're talking about. Free things like black mesa source aren't that common in dev houses? Or free things like free source SDK? Either way, they're fairly common in ANY mod friendly engine. Are you 14 or something (as in, fairly new to gaming so as not to know jack about its history)? Wikipedia is your friend...

mm hmm

Valve (a company) has an interest in associating portal with itself. Even if we're talking about a similar game made before it by the same creators, valve might just want to keep quiet about that. After all, portal was a big, creative spark in gaming. When in doubt you can always google for the original game and download it then decide for yourself if valve is being 100% honest, since it was a senior project its not copyrighted. As for the source engine, I am well aware that hl2 is made with it while hl1 is not. Let me explain, a games source code is not the same as its engines source code. That would be like saying the source code for gears of wars is the unreal 3 engine or that hl2 and tf2 have the same source code (yet somehow when compiled it yields completely different games). No, they are different things.

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