Watch GeForce TITAN Z Real Time Volumetric Flame Simulation

If you wish to see what $3,000 of graphic chipsets can do, you can watch NVIDIA's GTC 2014 Fire Demo below.

Run on GeForce GTX TITAN Z, the demo animates 32 million voxels (particle) in real time to produce accurate volumetric fire simulation.

The demo is really impressive by today's standards, however it still a notch away from looking real. Damn you uncanny valley.

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Big deal?

So WTF? 32 million whatsits? If there were 10 million whatsits in there it's probably look the fucking same. Who cares? Their Titan is a fucking waste of money & this thing is stupiderer. It's funny, the brilliance it takes to develop something like this, running along with the stupidity to think it makes any sense to bother.

Its about time they showed

Its about time they showed someone what voxels are for. If nvidia would have placed more vision into voxels and less into pixel shaders, geometry shaders and low polygon count we would have better looking games today. Still this can be done with the atom engine, particle by particle and it would look even better. Another solution, particles instead of voxels and polygons.

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