Watch TV while you game thanks to Xbox snap

We've heard a little about Xbox Snap before, the feature that lets you multitask mid-game, but it's time we got it right from the horses mouth. So listen in kids, as Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Xbox, breaks it down for you.

Scroll down for the full video.

The video begins as Yusuf is driving around in Forza 5, having a grand old time. But he feels like checking in with his friends, so he gives a quick voice command to the Xbox and it opens up his friends feed right alongside the game, also pausing it for him. However you can continue to play while the feed is still up.

Yusuf also pulls up internet explorer - though it does take a little while to load - which lets you browse while you play. He highlights that this might be good for checking out walkthroughs, game guides or instructional videos.

Finally, he brings up the ESPN channel in snap mode, letting him watch TV while he plays. He describes it as "two things at once," as if they's somehow 100 percent better than one thing at once.

It's interesting to note that Microsoft has focused on players finding help with their game from the internet, whereas Sony, with its sharing features on the PS4, seems to be more focused on allowing your friends to help you.

Which do you guys think is the better strategy?

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must be really ******* annoying having to keep pausing a game, just to search the net to play some video you can watch another time, who can honestly play a game and watch tv same time ? especially online games . so pointless ms doing this, wasting ram when it could use all of it for gaming, its already using 4 gb of shared ram, plus its all old hat,plus how many consoles do eyefinity or nvidias 3 monitor display ? multitasking maybe new for a console but for anyone who has a pc its so oooooooooold news.

TV doesn't use ram, might

TV doesn't use ram, might want to head back to your fail tech school. The cable is plugged into the xbox yes, but it still is directed straight to the tv, very little resources needed for the consoles built in app, and the pause is temporary because is makes the screen slightly smaller to snap what you asked for to the side of the screen, If you're in a racing game like he is in that video and in a tight turn when it snaps, doesn't take a great mind to think that quick change could play with your eyes and make you turn a little to much, the pause feature is built beautifully to counteract that, un-pausing a game isn't hard to do unless you're special and wear a helmet, I'm guessing that's you, don't know how to pause or un-pause a video game you might want to go outside and kick a can or grab a stick and hula hoop and pretend to live in the early 1900's when pausing didn't exist.

******' Fanatic!

Look at you, little Michael J Fucktard, commenting on everyone else's honest, accurate & negative statements about Micro$aft's $hitbox. Look they're trying to make it a bit more like a PC, again. Big ******* deal, you can build a solid gaming rig for $500 easily. My TV PC shows me what's on TV & it also records it. So shove this obsolete trash up your ***, Fantard.


Nice, for the price of 1 good graphics adapter I can watch tv, be on skype with family or lots of other countless options while playing my favorite game all on 1 machine. I'm sure some nerd out there will be connecting a PS4 to it, and snap PS4 and Xbox1 exclusives side to side on the same screen lol. (Oh update on my quest to buy an employee first day Xbox console.. Larry Hryb had '1' for auction, I limited myself to 3k, but it quickly went past that =( Money is going to wounded warriors project, so everyone wins =)

Everything you post is a joke.

Lol, one good graphics adapter? $500 gets you a whole lot more than "a good graphics adapter", I can do all of those things on my PC, which I (and most people) already own, by installing a "graphics adapter" for around $200 or less... and my games will look better than Xbox One, on top of higher resolution than 720p

you are the internet bully of

you are the internet bully of what I've seen you comment on. Microshit can't do any wrong in your eyes even if they stole candy from a baby. Get over yourself, I think your sore over the fact that Sony built a more powerful machine. by the way all the things xbone can do is due to software. Which means that ps4 could do it better but they realised that gamers want games not a box that chugs after running 4 programmes at once. Pc gamers know that so why do it on a console. P.S you are like the captcha that I had to type for this.....grumpy cat!

So much ram memory wasted..

So much ram memory wasted.. So much potential to actually compete with the PC. If they dedicated 4GB or maybe even more for textures alone console graphics would've been almost as good as PC if not better in some cases. Sure the special effects wouldn't have as much rendering power avaliable as any PC today has but the PC is pretty much limited to 2GB of VRAM at the moment. You can of course buy a graphics card with a lot more than that but game developers normally target their texture budget towards the average amount of VRAM modern PCs have.

80 and senile?

80 and senile? Do you think a kindle is a phone? Perhaps you can't tell the difference between an Ipad and blackberry. Struggling to compare different things trying to make them seem like they're made for the same purpose such as computers and game consoles? No worry, try taking some daily vitamin pills, studies show it slows down dementia!

I am well aware which

I am well aware which direction the current generation of consoles is going but that doesn't mean I have to like it. The closer consoles come to the PC the less reason there is to actually buy one. To me a console is a nice way to enjoy games alone and undisturbed unlike the PC where I keep in touch with friends and family on skype.

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