What Does Deus Ex Designer Think Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

Ion Storm founder and original Deus Ex designer, Warren Spector, has shared his thoughts about Deus Ex: Human Revolution and how much did it succeed in "capturing the spirit" of the universe he created.

"You know I've tried to stay out of that discussion since the game came out," he said. "It was one of the few games I finished, and I know the guys on the team and I know how dedicated they were and how respectful of the original they were; their hearts were in the right place and they did a wonderful job."

"And I'm not just saying that. It really captured the spirit of Deus Ex," he added. "I mean the moment I booted the game up it sounded like Deus Ex, and they understood the importance of how the game sounded. It had a lot of the sort of gray of the original game where nothing is right and wrong - I really like that a lot. It made me feel like I was making decisions that revealed more about me than it did about my character, which I loved."

"The interesting thing was - and we don't have time to get into this right now, even if even if I were ready to get into it - my wife will tell you, I screamed at the television as I played this game. I loved the game, at the end of the day, but I screamed constantly because there were two, three, four things they did where I just said 'Nooooo, why did you this? Noooo!' and, and it wasn't that it was right or wrong, it was different than what I [expected]," Spector noted."

"When I got the end of the game and realized that, overall, the experience had been a Deus Ex experience, I sort of sat back and reflected and said, 'Ok, they made different design decisions to achieve the same end goals that I had.'"

"And it's so cool to see philosophical ideas, game-designed philosophy, explored by two different groups to achieve the same goals in completely different ways, in ways that drove me crazy. So it was really cool. I really enjoyed that. Just on an intellectual level, I thought it was fascinating that they did some stuff that just drove me nuts."

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At the end of the day I felt

At the end of the day I felt like the game shouldn't have really been made because the story didn't really change anything. The endings were just meaningless and all you had to do was push a button to see each different ending.

The story seemed to push us into a certain greenie ideology. I didn't care for that one bit.

I haven't cared to play the game at all since I finished it and I don't see myself replaying it like I do Deus Ex.

The graphics were nice, way too many computers, I stopped hacking most after a while and on super hard, which is the only way I play Deus Ex, you couldn't beat the girl boss unless you got specific augmentation. The ability with the blade attack never worked with boss, totally useless.

I was also disappointed how

I was also disappointed how they changed some of the trailer movies and some didn't even show up. They promised some things and didn't deliver them in the way they showed us. They should only reveal stuff that is 100% going to be in the game.


played all mass effects (2-3), starcraft, dragon age on very high settings. Looked at deusEx specs and crappy art in comparison to these games and thought my PC can run it - HA! Another crappy console port. So its on the shelf till i upgrade. Tnx devs


Next time look at the games minimum/recommended specs instead of trusting your gut by looking at screenshots. If you do meet the min specs and cant run the game with everything on low that means: a) You dont know how to read specs -or- b) You dont know how to maintain your PC. End of story, end users shouldn't complain when they're completely ignorant on the subject and for the record, no matter how you look at your situation, it was your own fault.

ignorant urself

lol talk about obvious reply, what is this thing swarmed and trolled by wanna-look smart teens. I mean why even bother with such reply? whats the information in your message- your an idiot, next time read specs? Also i have a big cock and i once changed my gfx card so i think im smart?

For your knowledge some of us have gaming laptops and its a big harder to tell the specs with that as they aint exactly PC equallent. In my case it was a gift by partner given to me. That must make me bloody ignorant indeed.
Now tell me there aint people here who were a bit disappointed that their rig(any PC) cant pull some game on settings theyd expect, even though some other crazy title like crysis may have worked just fine. GTA4 is great example as was GOW.

All this time here u see developers bitch about piracy, about DRM and what not. There are only a few who u grow to trust like Valve or Blizzard. Anything u buy from UBI or EA will likely give u nightmares. Coming back full circle, why wouldnt u download a fucking game to test if it even works? Oh wait there is a DEMO for that... well not for deus ex.

In other words a) ur message is pretty much void and ur a douchebag b)the PC world wouldnt really be a worse place if devs would put more effort on polishing and optimizing their titles after porting. THE END

I doubt it.

That is Deus Ex in a nutshell. That is what makes them such great games. What makes HR so shitty is the fact that the first side quest outta the Sarif building can't be finished if you don't do things in the proper order. The game just hangs, across all 3 platforms, and still no fix to my knowledge. WTF!!!

It could have been an amazing game

But it had a lot of problems, and the designers made a lot of poor decisions during development - and some things were just plain wrong. It was a good effort, though - beats the crap out of most other FPS's released last year. I much preferred E.Y.E. though, if HR was a hollywood movie, E.Y.E. would be the amazing eastern european epic left in its shadow.

As if

HR was okay while playing but the endings were a big let down. E.Y.E. on the other hand is riddled with poor decisions from game mechanics to user interface. The way dialogs are presented and how you interact with others, the combat system is very poor and the hacking system is the worst I've seen in a game. Overall E.Y.E. reeks of amateurs trying to make a game it's far from being good, let alone an epic.

That was very dismissive.

Even with the user interface and poor french translations (the hacking and combat were amazing if you're a fan of RPG's, not shooters), the interaction and player accountability were much more present, aware and responsive than HR, and the game world felt much more insecure and urgent, as well as being atmospherically much closer to System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex than HR's. Many of the game mechanics were very well designed. I disagree very much that it is riddled with poor decisions - any more than HR was, anyway. I can understand how the game can be very intimidating to approach to players with a less exotic palate - it is a pure PC game - but to say it's just a bad game made by amateurs is ignoring the many things that it got right, as well as the complexity of the game. HR wasn't complex in any way - story, game mechanics, plot devices, it played out like a B-grade hollywood movie, and it really missed out on a lot of potential because of the convictions (particularly) of the art director and lead designer. EYE was designed with a much more open understanding of what a game can be, which is something many fans of the original Deus Ex appreciated that was sadly very much dulled down in Invisible War and Human revolution. If we're comparing them as straight shooters, HR will win - but neither of them are.

Just as dismissive as they were of potential players...

Hacking was amazing? Really? Lowering the targets damage to 0 then attacking and lowering his attack again over and over while he desperatly tries to increase it is hardly a challenge, or fun for that matter. Combat was amazing? Its like a very unpolished version of half life 2's combat system, that would be acceptable back in the 90's but not nowadays. Having RPG elements doesnt excuse the game from having shoddy combat and I say that being a big RPG fan. I think unpolished is the one word that describes E.Y.E. perfectly. Devs are getting very sloppy, releasing unfinished games and patching stuff later. There was a time when games would ship in a fully playable and finished state and get one or two patches at most afterwards that were strictly bug fixes. No, being indie, open, etc doesn't excuse them from not finishing the game before releasing, slapping together some half assed UI and using google translate(or whatever) to get their dialogs into english. Thats pure amateur and disrespectful to those who purchased the game.

Uh huh

So it is all about shallow hollywood production values for you? Great. It's not for the rest of us. They know exactly who they were targeting the game at, and did it amazingly well - why do they care about these mysterious 'potential players' like you who obviously don't care about what matters in a game?

did not like the end

I play the game and I enjoy too. But I did not like how it end ,you have 3 different end,and if you select to push the button on number 3 console you die too.so I was a little disappointed how the game end

there is four endings

there is four endings actually, three in front of you, and a fourth down the hall.... made all your choices feel like they didn't matter. one of the worst ways to end a great game... a great orange game... haha

It feels more like one ending

It feels more like one ending (press a button! It's not like it matters which one you choose!) and twelve possible combinations of terrible mix-and-match stock images/loose voiceovers :( Very disappointed after such an insanely long development time and a decently sized team.

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