Xbox 720 To Be Revealed On May 21st

Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced today that Xbox 720 will be unveiled officially on May 21st, 2013.

"On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment," he said.

"On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future," he added. "Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games."

The unveiling will take place in Microsoft’s Xbox Campus in Redmond, Washington and it will streamed live through Xbox LIVE, and Spike TV. Microsoft will be using the hashtag #XboxReveal to communicate more news and info through Twitter.

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Great News!

This great news for the Pc gaming market too. The Xbox+PS4 have been **** blocking the PC's progression for years now. With these next gen consoles, pc gaming can visually and creatively improve!

You are retarded

How can you think a $500 box can compete with anything? The 720/ps4 for $500 has to give you a case, Power supply, motherboard, hard drive, ram, CPU and GPU. Then also one controller all for $500. What makes you so stupid that you think there's anything cutting edge about that? A single 680 costs $550, a 690 or Titan are over $1000... God you are so stupid it makes me sad for you.

And the funny part is, those

And the funny part is, those consoles run the exact same games just fine for way less. So technically only a idiot would buy graphic cards for premium price when most games don't even reach those levels to take advantage of those cards. Unless of course you got 8 plus monitors all running at massive resolutions, than sure why not. So the only stupid person I see right now is you who really doesn't know hardware for ****.

Created an account just to

Created an account just to rep+ you. What user WAR doesn't apparently know is that, most if not all games are created on the PC and then ported to play on consoles. Never will there be a console game that doesn't run better on a PC. -- @WAR - People still think 480p is "just fine". Your standards are weak, sir!

breathe happy

Yep +1 for being a idiot. You seriously know jack **** about programming especially when you bring up porting to console OS's. What really angers me though... You have the audacity to tell me that all games are created using a PC... Well **** I bet people use Gamecubes to make Wii U games than right? Gah... and than you bring up 480p... You really don't know **** at all at this point. Most games at least console wise are compiled to run at around 480p, and than the console upscales the graphics to 1080p etc.

Correction, games are made

Correction, games are made for consoles hence why they run on weak consoles as smooth as they do since they are taylored for that specific hardware and nothing else.. And only after that do they get ported to PC, since a PC does actualy have the power to emulate the "weak" preformance of a console and then run the game on that, think of it like the movie Inception its a dream within a dream on CAPEABLE hardware. Take BF2 for example, its preconsole era, each individual task had its own button on the keyboard since a keyboard has enough of them. then BF3 came along, 1 button for everyhting, why? because a dumb console doesnt have enough buttons on its controler. This should be a good example of how to distinguish betwen a game made for pcs and a game made for consoles and then ported to pcs. captcha: move mountains, impossibru! Just like talking any sense in to WAR and any of his posts. Go back to your weak consoles sir, have a nice day.

Your going to cry over

Your going to cry over controller inputs... It's not the console era's fault when it comes down to a lack of polish for the pc port not having unique keyboard inputs. At that point it's only Dice's fault for not taking a little extra time for polish work to add something as simple as that. Again you are wrong on the games running smooth on consoles. A lot of devs try to push the hardware to their limits for graphics sake, because apparently everyone is dumb happy for those sweet skyrim graphics. That you will notice graphical issues on consoles without a doubt on some of those maxed out ports. There's already credible sources out there that have the price point down for the new 720s hardware, Two versions being released on november 17th. One priced for $299, and the other at $499. I have to say its pretty reasonably priced for the hardware. So in the end most of you entrenched PC gamer's might actually have a use for those 660TI cards you bought awhiles back.

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