Xbox LIVE Users Prefer Movies To Games

Xbox LIVE has a reputation of being the best console online gaming hub, but it seems that most customers are more interest in its media content than in its gaming capabilities.

According to Microsoft, users spend more than 50% of their Xbox LIVE time watching movies and listening to music rather than playing multiplayer games.

"What we're seeing is that people are turning on the Xbox to play games and then keeping it on afterwards to get other types of entertainment," Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Division SVP Yusuf Mehdi, told the Los Angeles Times.

Mehdi revealed that consumers spend an average of 84 hours per month on Xbox LIVE. For comparison, the average consumer watches TV for 150 hours per month.

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screw xbox

playing multiplayer games on a console is gay as hell. PC rules. i ONLY watch movies on my xbox, but not from netflix of whatever...i stream xvid movies from pc to xbox. i got tired of replaced messed up DVDs.

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