Xbox One Supports 8 Wireless Controllers Simultaneously. PS4 Supports 4 Only

Microsoft has updated Xbox One controller's product page to reveal that its soon-to-be-released next-gen console will be able to connect to eight wireless controllers simultaneously.

In response, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida tweeted that PlayStation 4 supports only four simultaneously connected controllers.

Ironically, this is the opposite of current-gen situation where PlayStation 3 supports seven concurrent controllers while Xbox 360 supports 4 only.

Save for bragging rights, it is really hard to think of games that'd take advantage of 8-players local play. Bomberman and Super Mario Party perhaps? In fact, PlayStation 3 already supports 7 controllers and we can't think of any game that took advantage of that.

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What's the point?

What's the point? Next gen consoles will more than likely only support 1080p at 16:9 aspect ratio. That's a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Split that into 8 sections, let's say 4 columns, 2 rows. Each screen would be 480x540 pixels. That is stupidly low res. Would make the game nearly unplayable, you wouldn't be able to see anything on the screen...

So, does this mean we might

So, does this mean we might get some decent local co-op games this gen? because the Xbox 360 had like, none by the end of it (only online multiplayer - if we can have it online, why not locally?) and all the PS3 had was LittleBigPlanet2 which is amazing but you know, it's not exactly a huge variety.


"PlayStation 3 already supports 7 controllers and we can't think of any game that took advantage of that." - hence the reason the PS4 only supports 4. Way to go M$

It isn't. The higher the

It isn't. The higher the resolution the more load you put on the gpu and both next gen consoles don't have enough horsepower for ultra HD graphics. If you try to play with a 4k tv your xb1 or ps4 will render each frame in 1080p (or 720p, it depends on the developers here) and upscale to 4k. Long story short, you will still be limited to regular hd even with an ultra hd tv so 8 way split-screen would look blurry in 4k because of the upscaling. If you dont know what upscaling is grab any picture on the web and zoom in more than you're supposed to, the picture looks blurry and ugly because you upscaled it far beyond its original resolution.

Ah yes, good call on your

Ah yes, good call on your part. I completely disregarded what the Xbox's video output would be. Although I am surprised they aren't considering higher resolutions yet. Maybe consumers aren't ready for higher TV resolutions for another 6 or so years. I guess time will tell. Captcha: Who you gonna call?

That doesn't sound wrong at

That doesn't sound wrong at all. Online mp/co-op does force people to buy their own copies of a game if they want to play together. However I prefer it, local mp means everyone needs to have free time and be at the same place to play together, while that's fun it's also somewhat inconvenient to setup if you just want to play for an hour or two.


I could care less. That doesn't make the Xbox One any more appealing. 4 is plentiful. Maybe MS should add support for one controller, for everytime the Xbox One crashed at E3 and ComicCon. Then, it would support 30 or more. Who gives a flyin' ****?

gay is gay is gay

like a frickin matters, who the **** is gonna play 8 players on 1 screen, people have to be so stupid to believe this even matters, 4 is bad enaugh, 8 controler support, for 8 way split screen games? no i dont think so, actualy i dont think you will EVER see a game that supports 8 players besides sports games......

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