Borderlands 2 (+12 Trainer) [LinGon]


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Borderlands 2 (+12 Trainer) [LinGon]

- This file has been removed, please select another trainer from the list below.

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I **** my pants

it works, just need to disable every little antivirus thing you have which can be a bit tricky. For those that say its a virus, your morons. Antivirus's always see trainers as viruses but they arent.


Educate yourself on two things: 1) how game trainers work, 2) what a "virus" is as defined by various different viewpoints. In summary: if a PC trainer *didn't* get reported as a virus, then either you've got a very bad trainer or you've got a very bad antivirus program.

Borderlands 2 trainer

Works some what. Needs info button fixed and music mute button fixed. Right now no idea what the right keys are for what ever trainer but hitting the "F" keys and some number bad keys do different things for you! So ya thanks but hope you fix the info soon!

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