Gearbox Boss Apologizes For Stealing Borderlands 2 Art

Moss, a famous graphics designer, expressed his disappointment at Gearbox after discovering that they ripped off one of his designs and included it in Borderlands 2 box.

“ I'm a huge Gearbox fan so I was really disappointed to see this image inside the Borderlands 2 box,” he said. “Technically whoever made the image did lift directly from mine.”

He made it clear that he doesn’t intend to take any legal action against the studio. But Gearbox doesn’t intend to take advantage of his generosity. The studio’s boss, Randy Pitchford, didn’t waste a lot of time before replying to Moss through Twitter. “You're amazing. Inspiration is part of art and you've inspired us,” he said. “But the bit that was lifted is uncool, so... consequences.”

"We should be working together to do it right and legit," Pitchford asked Moss who replied politely that "this whole thing is so far from a big deal. I wish I'd never even said anything."

Moss is known for designing the posters of The Dark Knight Rises and cover art for games such as Resistance 3.

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