Crysis 3 (+8 Trainer) [LinGon]

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Trainer's from LinGon

Kaspersky, Norton and Avira report once trojan, virus and bot It's funny, when I get another coach not the message. That means he can coach without creating this message, also had some problem that then other software has been downloaded in the background. Norton and Kaspersky even warn the forum before him.


LinGon made it specifically to not work so you could contact him and you have to pay him to actually give you a working trainer. He's been doing that for a while now. Check his youtube TheLinGon.


I confirm that this trainer works and does the following Unlimited Health Unlimited Energy (for the armor) Set the nano points (to get upgrades) Super speed Super jump Teleport .... I would have liked unlimited ammo but it's a good start... thanks !


Well, I had just tested full health and energy, which are working great, but the Set the nano points doesn't work : It adds 100 upgrade points but this seems to be too much and the game refuse to give any upgrade with those points. So, finaly, this trainer doesn't fully work.

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