XCOM: Enemy Unknown (+12 Trainer) [FLiNG]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown


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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (+12 Trainer) [FLiNG]

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Threadgoers - Numeric searching

Fellow cheaters, I suggest that you use a hex-based editor to access the values in the game - and produce your own cheats. Modifying stats, such as HP, money, and attack power are all quite easy to do with the correct value searching with a hex editor. You can inject your own code into the game and make a trainer yourself. Learning to do so is quite easy - and you can update it on the fly, there is no need to save the settings from a previous code injection. I recommend you do this - you can stop the enemy from becoming immortal by accessing the float values which correspond to your soldiers - not enemy aliens. I will not list sites which offer hex editors or code injectors, you must do this yourself. Learning is easy, and google will give you search results quickly anyway. =p

Unlimited Moves

it seems that after i changed the equipment of my soldiers the trainer seems to not affect them. so when a battle starts they are not affected by the cheats.They take damage and have two turns while the rest has unlimited movement and health. is there anyway to fix it? or am i doing something wrong


hi guys this trainer needs to add more scientists and engineers. also quick build function. its so annoying to waiting for a technologic development to complete. There is also another lack of option which drives me crazy and thats unavailabiliy of building structures without corresponding material, dead body etc etc.

Has anyone tried using the

Has anyone tried using the soldier editor or num 6 to 9, + and - to increase soldiers' hit points while viewing them in the barracks? This will increase the stats to a high number, making soldiers powerful during missions such that the health mode won't be needed.

Activating trainer

You need to use your laptops 'alternate function' key and find the keys which correspond to your number pad. Every laptop has a number pad, but yours will prove to be more difficult since the game may not allow the alternate function key to be used. for example, 123 456 789 may be bound to uio jkl m,. keys, but you'll need to press the 'FN' key at the bottom of your keyboard. this is one example - your laptop may be different and have a different setup. Read your instruction manual if you're completely lost, or lookup your specific laptop on google for other people with the same make and model.


Aside from also making the sectopods immortal I've also had problems getting this trainer to work with my heavy troops, it works completely fine with every other unit but none of the cheats works on the heavies (no immortality, no unlimited movement, no 100% aim etc.)


I have the same problem with Heavies. Everything else seems to work but at the unlimited moves doesn't appear to work for me on Heavies. Now the interesting thing is I went back to an old game (one I had completed a few dozen missions for getting the trainer) and the unlimited moves works on heavies in that game. In a new game I started however, it doesn't work. Seems like that might be a clue, don't know. Need to do more testing.


I've tried with both a new and an old game and I haven't seen any difference. One odd thing that happened on my old save though, during a mission I had two heavies in my squad and halfway through the mission the cheats suddenly activated on one of the heavies, but not the other, but on the next mission the cheats stopped working on the first heavy again. After that it has never happened again.


I've found that if a start a new game with "tutorial" activate but don't attempt to use the trainer until after the tutorial completes then it will work for my heavies. The bad news, this works until the heavy gets psi powers, then it stops working again but just for that specific heavy.


its very true, this trainer has worked once or twice with my heavy soldiers. I'm playing with assault type soldiers from now on. what a shame, heavy soldiers was getting better and better when they reaches to the full rank.

This trainer works perfect

This trainer works perfect 100% 1. Download trainer and start it on 2. Then start the game 3. When u play press the numpads number 1 to 9 and the - + symbols to get the cheats. U will hear then some sound every time u press a key. A few seconds later cheats must be enabled. 4 U get unlimited credits and immortal soldiers.. Only problem with this trainer is the bug with sectopods. 5. Works on WIN7 64 bit with AMD Athlon II and ATI 5700

Sectopods workaround

Just turn off the trainer after juicing your soldiers in the barracks. When you go into mission, turn on the trainer but only activate the infinite movement cheat, NOTHING ELSE. Go about your business in the mission and wipe those sectopods like yesteryear's GoBots...

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