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Cheat mode
Press or [Tab] to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code:
All weapons and full ammo - loaded
God mode - god
Spawn indicated object summon - [name]
View frame rate - stat fps
All ten weapons - allweapons
Full ammo for all ten weapons - allammo
Kills all enemies - killbots
Flight mode - fly
No clipping mode - ghost
Freeze AI movement - playersonly
Set game speed - slomo [number]
Disable flight and no clipping - walk

Summon Any Vehicle:
These cheat codes work when playing in campaign mode on either vehicle or non vehicle maps, checking LAN will not matter, the codes will still work. Press F10 during gameplay and enter the below codes. Do not be alarmed when entering the vehicle. It will say "HIJACKED" due to this being the opposing teams vehicles.

Object names:
Use one of the following entries with the summon code.

Axon Cicada
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclecicadacontent

Axon Goliath
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclegoliathcontent

Axon Hellbender
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclehellbendercontent

Axon Leviathan
summon utgamecontent.utvehicleleviathancontent

Axon Manta
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclemantacontent

Axon Paladin
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclepaladincontent

Axon Raptor
summon utgamecontent.utvehicleraptorcontent

Axon Scorpion
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclescorpioncontent

summon utgamecontent.utvehiclespmacontent

Nacris Darkwalker
summon utgamecontent.utvehicledarkwalkercontent

Necris Fury
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclefurycontent

Necris Nemesis
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclenemesiscontent

Necris Nightshade
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclenightshadecontent

Necris Scavenger
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclescavengercontent

Necris Viper
summon utgamecontent.utvehiclevipercontent

Slow Volume Cube
summon utgamecontent.utslowvolumecontent

Unlock all characters:
Press [Tab] during a match and enter unlockallchars. A message stating that a new character has been unlocked will appear . Go to "Settings", then "Player", then "Edit Character" to select someone other than Malcom.

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