Fur Fighters


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The Fur Fighters are an elite fighting force of stuffed animals on a mission to rescue their families from the evil General Viggo. The Fur Fighters must battle their way through Viggo's legions of Stupid Bears and solve diabolical puzzles to save their babies, rescue their mutated kin in six outrageous boss levels and snatch the planet from Viggo's clutches.

This Demo will allow you to play one of the single player levels from the game, "Dino Downstairs". It is time limited but puts you into the center of the game action. We've also thrown in one of the Multiplayer levels too "Good Fluffers 2". It supports up to 16 players over a LAN or over the Internet (via IP matching). Simply fill out the form below to download the demo!

The Demo is fully featured in technology terms so if you've got the hardware it'll look and sound the business.

Look at the links below for the patch for the game, also released today.

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