The Hunter (Full Game)


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The Hunter

Play for free - enjoy theHunter for absolutely nothing!

* Sign-up for free and receive an unlimited time Guest pass!
* Create your character, take a mission and download the 3D engine
* Pick up your free rifle and unlimited ammo, track and hunt Mule Deer on
the visually stunning Whitehart Island
* Make the Leaderboards, compare yourself against your friends, even win
* Track your statistics. Check out each individual hunt; every animal
hunted, every single shot fired, every mile covered
* Increase your shooting, tracking and weapon skills as you play
* Visit the brand new Item Store containing extra firearms, ammunition,
hunting licenses and much more...

Become a Whitehart Island Member - and in addition to Guest features...

* Hunt the illusive Whitetail Deer and the impressive Roosevelt Elk
* Take on Turkey too, even in flight!
* When any of your weapons are running low on ammo, you receive free ammo
boxes so you never run out
* Server priority during busy times
* Additional clothing and equipment
* Plus two additional free weapons; a shotgun and a pistol

The Environment

* Based on the environment of Washington State
* Full daytime cycle casts dynamic shadows, shafts of sunlight piercing
through the woodland canopy
* Experience dramatic weather including wind, rain, and fog
* Discover fascinating map areas, like the ancient archaeological ruins
* Use the Environment to your advantage; crouch or go prone in tall grass,
use trees and natural rock formations to hide yourself from your prey

Social Network

* Personalise your profile; add widgets, upload pictures, show off your
character and skills
* Add friends, compare hunting stories and Leaderboard scores
* Track mission progress and hunt success with handy widgets
* Visit other player pages, comment on their adventures and make friends

The Future - theHunter is constantly developing, and future updates will add -

* New missions types, achievements and competitions
* More weapons. More environments. More animals!

"theHunter™. The most realistic hunting game you will ever play"

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