Out Run Free Full Game


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This is an open source Out Run remake project. This new version. This new version has been inspired by its earlier versions, which correspond to the 1986 arcade machine version and the 1991 Sega Mega Drive version.

Outstanding features
This new the following features with respect to the original versions:

• Realistic and spectacular graphics in 3D.
• Compatible with many screen resolutions.
• Fantastic soundtracks and SFX fully customizable.
• Various difficulty levels.
• Numerous types of artificial intelligence integrated.
• Configuration of the controllers customizable.
• Completely new maps available.

These are the default controllers of the game, but the player can change them whenever he wants:

• Acceleration: Left Control.
• Braking: Left Alt.
• Turning left: left arrow of the cursor.
• Turning right: right arrow of the cursor.
• Select an option: enter.
• exit the game during the navigation in the interface, pause the game while the player is driving: esc.

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