Planetary Pest Control Free Full Game


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“Hi! You’ve reached Planetary Pest Control, the industry leaders in alien infestation extermination! Unfortunately we can’t get to the phone right now, leave the job and your price on the machine and we’ll get back to you.“

Crashlanded on an uncharted planet, players wake up to find themselves surrounded by hordes of hostile aliens. With only each other to rely on, you must work closely to squash bugs in your way, finish your contract and get off the planet!

Play as either Wrench, an alien monkey mechanic, or E.V, his sentient robot companion. Wrench uses his agility to jump and dodge around the bugs and collect resources to keep E.V reloaded, repaired, and ready to fight. He can use his wrench and zap trap to smack enemies around and slow down the swarms.

E.V is much less nimble, but they pack a heavy punch. Their machine-gun, rockets and earth-shaking melee makes them a formidable exterminating machine. On their own they can't make it, but working as a symbiotic team Wrench and E.V. can crush all in their way!


• Asymmetrical 2-player couch-coop action!
• 2 Unique characters with distinctive abilities and synergies
• An exciting story set over 6 levels, with up to 2 hours of gameplay!
• A striking comic book style set on a vibrant fungal planet

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