SimCity: Societies


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Arg Argument Legend:
INT = Integer A whole number, can be positive or negative in value
Example: 429
Example: -142

STRING = A set of Characters of course letters and/or numbers
Example: Wolverine

0 / 1 = A Toggle 0 will Disable, 1 will Enable

Cheat Codes case insensitive:

Standard Cheat Codes =
MoneyTree [int] Set the current money to [int]
MoneyTree 90000
MoneyTree -42
The first example set your money to 90,000 and the
last one sets it to Unlimited negative numbers give
you unlimited cash to buy anti-thief bombs and
armour-piercing bullets to murder p2p lamers.

Burn Sets fire to the selected building Let all the
thieves within burn during the raging hellfire inferno
Obviously you need to click a buidling first, before
using this code

Eureka Toggle: All buildings available
-or- Buildings relocked

SetHappiness Set the Happiness value of the currently selected sim.
Obviously you need to click a sim first before using it
SetHappiness 1000
SetHappiness 0
SetHappiness -1000
The first examples makes a super-happy sim, the second
makes a middle of the road content sim, and the last
makes a furious sim like what happens to our group
members when we think about THIEF GROUPS and their
lame p2p members.

spawn [unknown effect]
maybe it spawns more citizens to live in your city?
maybe it also needs an [int] parameter? Such as:
spawn 150

allsick [int] Randomly disease [int] number of sims. Use "0" to cure
all sims of any illnesses.
allsick 325
allsick 0

allinjure [int] Randomly injure [int] number of sims. Use "0" to cure
all sims of all injuries.
allinjure 42
allinjure 0

reward Toggle: Reward buildings available
-or- Reward buildings relocked
These are the 10 Special Reward Buildings that you can
earn for completing each of the 10 Achievement Trophies

whatsaguzzardo Toggle: Building actions now don't require visits
-or- Building actions require visits again

orbo Toggle: Energy costs removed
-or- Energy costs returned
removed = unlimited energy without any power plants
required. It's magic, baby

partridge Make all Sims happy, like the lame Partridge Family
you kids wouldn't get the reference. It was some lame
1970s English TV show.

Extended Cheat Codes =
damage [int] Damage or repair the selected building
damage 40
damage -100
Each point of damage requires 1 hour to repair.
The first example causes 40 points of damage, the
second repairs 100 points 100 repairs any building,
and the third damages the default of points which is
100 wow that's harsh

win Win the Jack of all Trade achievement trophy and its
rewards. It seems that this cheat should also take a
parameter string, such as: 'win AchievementType'
But we could not find a working list of those types
searched high and low, far and wide, and all through
the valleys, but no strings that we found in the 100s
of XML files was working. Sorry

showgrid Toggle: Show green grid lines on the map for easier
building placement and city planning

setemi [1/0] Toggle: 1 = force all street lamps and all building
lights on, 0 = force all the lights off

injure [1/0] Toggle: 1 = make the currently selected sim injured,
0 = heal the currently selected sim

sick [1/0] Toggle: 1 = make the currently selected sim sick,
0 = cure the currently selected sim

kill Murder the selected sim maybe he was a thief and
totally deserved it, right?

allhappy [int] Set the happiness of all sims. It is similar to the
SetHappiness cheat, but this one works on all sims in
the entire city.
allhappy 100
allhappy 0
allhappy -100
The first examples makes all super-happy sims, the
second makes all content sims, and the last makes all
furious sims

warn [word] Show the in a red box on the top of the screen
no spaces are allowed in the word
warn OMGdiethief

malert Display an alert message in the upper-left. It shows
the last alert that the game displayed. This can be
useful if you clicked away the last alert before
reading it and was wondering what it had said.

satisfy Toggle: citizen Dissatisfaction off/on so your lame
sims hopefully don't revolt/riot/strike/protest
NOTE: it is enabled by default even if you don't cheat

NoFire Toggle: Fire disabled
-or- Fire re-enabled
stop building from ever catching on fire. damn pyros

alert [string] Display a green-coloured alert on the upper-right
Example: alert FIRE

KillAll Kill all sims. But they seem to be replaced
immediately as you see tons of new sims emerging from
all of your housing. Think it only kills unemployeed
sims also.

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