AMD Backs Down On DirectX Criticism

A few days ago, AMD GPU division worldwide developer relations manager Richard Huddy stated that DirectX is "getting in the way" of improving PC graphics, but today he affirmed that AMD is firmly committed to it.

Speaking to technology news site CRN, Huddy explained that only a handful of developers are interested in avoiding DirectX and coding directly to the graphics card. DICE, the developer behind Battlefield series and Crytek, the developer behind Crysis are some of those few.

"It's not something most developers want," Huddy admitted. "If you held a vote among developers, they would go for DirectX or Open GL, because it's a great platform."

AMD senior director of ISV relations Neal Robison then added that DirectX's stability is the most important reason why developers prefer to stick with it. "It's hard to crash a machine with DirectX, as there's lots of protection to make sure the game isn't taking down the machine, which is certainly rare especially compared to ten or fifteen years ago," Robison said. "Stability is the reason why you wouldn't want to move away from DirectX, and differentiation is why you might want to."

Huddy then noted that hardware makers such as AMD and API makers such as Microsoft are constantly putting pressure on each other to make sure that each side's products make the best use of the other side's.

"AMD needs to innovate, as a gaming company and as a CPU company," he explained. "Microsoft needs to do the same thing. We're making sure that the synergy between us is a highly cooperative one. If they were to say 'graphics is a done deal' that would be a big problem. They haven't said that."

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Graphics don't advance because consoles won't let 'em.

The draw call bullshit is a poor excuse. There are so many things that determine how a game looks besides material variance. If PC games looked as good as they should consolers would whine. Sales may drop. Why the fuck do you think Crysis 2 looks like shit? 'cuz they made it for consoles.

I gotta say though, does anyone really think BFBC2 looked awesome? I ran the prick maxed out on my 4850 & it played great but the game is no better in any way than a CoD. It's almost the same thing but didn't look as good. Maybe I'm just not a fan 'cuz it's just another linear mordern warfare scenario, but I'd hardly call it good looking. FC2 was a nice looking fuckin' game, on the PC @ least. But pretty boring. NOLF 2 was pretty amazing & it was a PC game from 2002. Looked as good as any console game available now. @ least I don't have to buy a new video card every couple years for the best possible experience 'cuz the consoles are preventing it from getting any better.

more updates?

I remember when I was in High School when direct X was updated more than just once ever 4 years, but more like a new one each and every year.
By right with graphics advancing so fast patches should be released every few months.

there are plenty

"By right with graphics advancing so fast patches should be released every few months. "

There are updates released every few months. You just don't notice because its no longer directx11, next update directx12 next, directx13. But games install the latest directx when you install them.

They only change the main version number when there are major changes.

The obvius thing...

Well I have an ATI 5850 1GB and it runs Crysis 2 at hardcore detail with no problem at all ( solid 60fps)
At the same time PES 2011 which uses DirectX 10 has a microstatter problem. Also Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs solid 60 fps at full detail while NBA 2K11 has texture issues... I rest my case

you haters sadden me

i have been playing dice games since they started battlefield and i have been a fan of crytek games since far cry and crysis and i have never i repeat never had any of their games crash on me.

Get rid of DirectX then!!

"DICE, the developer behind Battlefield series and Crytek, the developer behind Crysis are some of those few"

In fact those are by far 2 of the best games out there! With a descrete graphics card you can still do wonders in those games.

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