AMD Mantle performance can get ridiculous

AMD's been keeping relatively quiet about its Mantle API for a while now, leaving us wondering how impressive it could actually be. Turns out, quite a lot actually. At least that's the impression I got from this Oxide Games space demo which is able to smoothly render thousands of ships at once.

The raw numbers are impressive alone even without the demo. There's 3,000+ ships, including some giant capital aircraft carriers, thousands of active missiles and bullets flying all over the place, formation flying, beautiful lighting and the frame rate? 200+ constantly.

This is before any GPU optimisation too. It's thought that with improvements in that area Oxide games would be able to get as many as 100,000 separate objects on screen at once, while rendering at over 300 frames per second.

To put that into context, current Direct3D rendering starts to max out at around 15,000 objects.

Ultimately the new API that could replace DirectX on AMD hardware platforms, reduces the API overhead by as much as ten times and scales much better with multi-core CPUs theoretically giving big boosts to multithreaded titles.

The most exciting thing for AMD CPU users though, is that Mantle has the potential to make affordable chips like the 8350 perform as well as, if not better than Intel's new Haswell 4770k.

We'll have to reserve judgement until we get some more independently verified demos, but this is very promising.

Does it make any of you want to switch out your Nvidia GPU for an AMD one?

Skip to 26:20 for the start of the game demo.

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It doesn't matter how great it performs if no one uses it. I was originally thinking that if Nvidia users can't make us of it, then it'll wither & die. All the while forgetting, AMD owns the consoles & the consoles dictate. So maybe the only way Nvidia will be able to compete is by a total role reversal, where they will then have to be the better price/performance option, which they've never been able to do, or never bothered. Maybe Nvidia will disappear & just focus on mobiles. Fine with me. I won't miss 'em. As long as AMD doesn't fuck everyone with the ensuing monopoly. AMD! AMD! AMD!

You're a fool. Developers

You're a fool. Developers ASKED for this. This has nothing to do with Nividia. If developers can make more money by using an api that cuts production costs, makes better games, has a wider array of customers being that amd cards are much cheaper. Guess what? Fuck Nvidia and the horse they rode in on.


I personally think that AMD and Nvidia should team up a bit, share their technologies(cuda, mantle) to create more solid standards and also take on companies like intel(knights landing) and MS ( from dictating in which version of windows, what DX is available)

Bang for a Buck

What it comes down to for me is which is better for the price. Output isn't all that matters, so is stability. I was a big ATI fan back in the day but switched to Nvidia because everything is optimized for their cards and they offer much better driver support on average. Even if this new AMD chip is SUPER power and even cheap for the power, unless it has the stability to consistently turn out that power I doubt I'll switch. It's like the CPUs, a Intel quad core out performs a AMD octocore CPU in most tests (check out Toms Hardware, they did the benchmarking). Granted, that Octocore isn't optimized for and that AMD 8 core is still CHEAPER than the intel quad core, but I'm still concerned on how something that on paper appears to be a step ahead of current tech seems to perform just a little below current tech.

Think smart

Why do you guys think Sony and Xbox (Msoft) both got a deal with AMD? prolly cause AMD showed them the mantle tech as a potential feature/upgrade or had developed some basic APIs already to show them, and they knew that if you don't squeeze every bit of power out of the consoles they won't be able to compete with PCs therefor they took it (both PS4 and XBOX have AMD CPU & GPU inside). (Irrelevant: PC can be much stronger than consoles, imagine the potential. ) Now that mantle gets presented to the public people can see that what we need now is not more power BUT more efficiency. In most sectors of technology we need efficiency rather than power, from embedded to PC.

Yeah but all in all it is how

Yeah but all in all it is how the drivers work, I use to be an amd user until I moved onto NVidia that started with the 7600 gt I think and been using them since, I have mates with amd cards and to be honest there issues have always been the drivers, very few and not that productive for compatability for new software, in the end its the support from the community that keeps it going but never on par with NVidia support....fact. I think they need to concentrate more on supporting there hardware now rather than pushing mantle, I understand it is like open gl in general and a way to utilize software with no limitations, but like I said support with drivers should be priority.

Over graphics

I'm over graphics and razzle dazzle, give me super intelligent AI and more environmental interaction! I'm sick of playing games with awesome graphics and dumb arse AI. Leave graphics where they are at the moment and focus more on gameplay. But this will never happen, GPU manufacturers don't want to lose money


I always preferred AMD over Nvidia. Nvidia, throughout the long years of the GPU war, was, on average, much more expensive with little to offer over its AMD counterpart. There was never a clear winner and the battle between these two giants never came to a conclusion but I found, through my own experience, that AMD deliver a more reliable product.

Drive a Cadilac like a boss

Will I ever switch out my nvidia for a amd... most likely never. Why? Simple. I already know all the faults and bugs with nvidia cards. I don't need to restart the process of learning the kinks and issues on amd cards. So sure I'll pay a little extra for nvidia, but at least I know the hardware. Also i don't give a shit about litecoin or bitcoin farming either.

Mantle sounds promising but I

Mantle sounds promising but I'll believe it when games will be out, lots of them. nVidia will try to have their own API to compete with it as well and this will only divide pc gamers even more. They should find a brand new alternative, a Mantle-vidia API compatible on both brands that is not a windows exclusive so it can run on the Steam platform as well into a foreseeable future. AMD will prefer regaining the top of pc gaming rather than inviting nvidia into an API partership so this will create a real division into pc gaming if it succeed. PS: Your Cadilac is crap in to 21st century

not quite

OpenGL? You may as well have said D3D, mantle by design avoids the overheads associated with "wrappers", no idea if it will work as well as claimed or if devs will adopt it enmasse, but OpenGL it aint. "Works in steam" - not really sure what you mean there, lot's of things work in steam but are of no relevance to the discussion.

A devide?

Nvidia has shown a massive disposition to just upping performance over and over, which is something they do VERY well but they do not give a good god damn about new technology, they just make monstrously impressive revisions on current tech. Except the titan, if you own one of those you're a rube lol, 780 is better. Mantle will actually move gaming forward, Star Citizen is taking full advantage of it, Battlefield 4, etc. Nvidia will actually hold gaming back at this point, I am just happy to see a company finally do ANYTHING to move gaming forward, it might even get to a point where some games just do not run on Nvidia. Is this a bad thing? No, as Nvidia will be forced to evolve (Heh gaming evolved is AMD's little thing) and maybe there will be an actual tech race instead of spec race. Aww... My captcha was Sweety Pie.

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