First Images Of The Wii Successor Controller

The first (alleged) images of Nintendo's rumored upcoming Wii successor have made their way to the internet along with no details.

The images confirm the ongoing rumors that the Wii successor's controller will sport a 6 inch touch screen. According to the new round of rumors, the console's 1080p video output can be split into 4 quarters, each sent to a different controller for local multiplayer matches.

The new console is codenamed "Project Café" and one of the proposed names for the final product is "stream." The Wii successor is expected to launch by the end of the year for $350 to $400 and it should support stereoscopic 3D.

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Well, being casual is what

Well, being casual is what made the wii a success. I certainly hope a controller with a screen built in doesn't have any kind of motion sensing because playing racing games on an iphone while tilting it left and right is downright awful, the screen must stand still. If they want motion sensing they should put it on a separate controller with no screen or copy kinect... or even better, just use the wiimote.

remember its a touch screen

remember its a touch screen and while this article is touting how it can be turn the new wii into a handheld game for playing multiplayer, that would destroy or at least lessen the touch ability, as even the ds had 2 screens. I think it could be done right keeping just the touch aspect/using the screen as a readout display like what some games do with the Logitech keyboards with lcd's built in, though hopefully a little more advanced. in which case you could have some level of motion, a normal controler, and a touch screen/hud all in one, if done right and devs don't screw it up, like they tended to with the wiimote., it could work



ur n idiot

i think its a great idea playing sports games like maden with the playbook on your screen would be so tight you can pre choose your plays {im hoping } or like in open world games you can have the map and the menus and even the hud itself on the pad screen and the rest of the screen strictly for world and if its anything like the ds the dual screen could have so many more benefits to not see the pros in this you have to be an idiot besides have you played res evil or call of duty with the wand it sux i see how you could like the wand for certain games but i think with what they are doing now its a good think and who know maybe they might even incorporate using the 3ds as a controller as well its too erlie to say these are just guesses but if they do it right microsoft and sony might end up having to rethink what they are doing


I said the same thing when the wiimote came out. Looks like a throwback to the 80s rectangle controllers, ugly as fuck. Especially if you have a protector on it the thing looks like some kind of alien sex toy. But you get to wiggle it around like some kind of primate that made it way more advanced right? I like to hit buttons thank you... I'll be interested in motion sense shit when its not just a gimmick and has become advanced enough to bring real depth to games.


"I'll be interested in motion sense shit when its not just a gimmick and has become advanced enough to bring real depth to games." - It already is advanced, well for the PC anyways. Try motion sensing vr glasses for more depth.

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