NVIDIA Denies Crippling GameWorks Performance On AMD Hardware

AMD is accusing NVIDIA of deliberately crippling the performance of games developed using its GameWorks toolset when run on AMD's hardware. NVIDIA on the other hand insists that those accusations are unfounded.

"Gameworks represents a clear and present threat to gamers by deliberately crippling performance on AMD products (40 percent of the market) to widen the margin in favor of NVIDIA products," Robert Hallock, AMD's head of technical communications, software and technologies told Forbes. "Participation in the Gameworks program often precludes the developer from accepting AMD suggestions that would improve performance directly in the game code-the most desirable form of optimization."

Hallock's claims were then challenged by NVIDIA's director of engineering and developer technology, Cem Cebenoyan, who assured that they are uncalled for as the toolset doesn't stop anyone from getting access to code. Additionally, he noted that NVIDIA didn't make any agreements with developers to prevent them from cooperating with AMD when using GameWorks toolset.

"I've heard that before from AMD and it's a little mysterious to me," he said. "We don't and we never have restricted anyone from getting access as part of our agreements. Not with Watch Dogs and not with any other titles."

"Our agreements focus on interesting things we're going to do together to improve the experience for all PC gamers and of course for Nvidia customers," he added. "We don't have anything in there restricting anyone from accessing source code or binaries. Developers are free to give builds out to whoever they want. It's their product."

More importantly, Cebenoyan asserted that GameWorks are not designed to limit AMD performance in any way. Nonetheless, NVIDIA would never stop developers from adding AMD-specific optimizations.

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AMD should worry about driver support

AMD please stop bitching about gameworks and being a hypocrite and instead start working on better driver support for your graphic cards. Tell me one thing does your Eyefinity, or Mantle, or other tecnologies work with nvidia graphic cards? No? Of course no because it gives you an advantage over nvidia cards in games that use your tecnologies.


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Really? I doubt any MG reader

Really? I doubt any MG reader is capable of building a botnet, even though that is a rather simple task if you think about it. As for hackers who use other peoples computer without permission, why wouldn't they? If you leave your car open and the keys inside then walk away would you expect everyone to just walk by and do nothing? Same goes for computers, learn to use them or don't use them at all. If only people had that bit of common sense inside their heads botnets and ddos attacks wouldn't even exist.

Getting my 3/4 coat, welcome to the world Don.

And if I would own any of those companies, I would office raid anyone in my path as to destroy everything I could and steal what not. Of course Im pretty upscale for both of them. Only the weak play around with legal systems, those silicon valley pirates, school playground when placed in comparison with the real deal.

Reverse Engineer

I would not trust any of them, nvidia and amd. I have seen both deal with the same stuff. In the end, its in the studios hands to reach out to any of them for council in terms of code. Guess what, they both respond in the same way. Thats why you see either a nvidia logo or an amd logo, but never both. If you go and ask amd for help, they will not do it free and for the benefit of mankind, if you ask nvidia, they will offer you the same deal. It is one thing to reach out for their public documents and another to get first hand council from both companies. The only way to win is to not play their game. You think amd didnt reverse engineer nvidia tech in their birth? They did. You think nvidia didnt reverse engineer from 3dfx in their birth? They did and eventually bought the company as to gain what they could not learn through that. They even got their hands on matrox equations because they couldnt reverse engineer it from them. The only way to win is to not play.

Developers need to make their

Developers need to make their games though, just saying 'don't ask gpu companies for help' is pointless. Either offer a viable alternative or keep your mouth shut, it's better than making yourself look like a bitching idiot.

anti greed

its pitiful to see nvidia whoring the market with dirty tactics like this. I can remember several games that were doctored to run like shit on amd rigs (nfs shift, gta) and they should be fined for unfair practice


Yes because I'm going to trust a company to tell the truth about the heinous and unsavory practices they have. Microsoft still denied its affiliation with the NSA spying scandal even after documents were produced proving their involvement. These companies will deny whatever they have to, truth is irrelevant in the world of business. They'll lie to your face. Nothing new. Maybe it isn't true, but I highly doubt it. MS and Nvidia are pioneers when it comes to immoral software intentions and anti-consumer policies. This is the price we pay for progress for the sake of 'progress', if we continue to buy their products in mass as we have we're empowering them to do as they want to us. The only reason Nvidia could get away with this kind of stuff is because they're allowed to operate unchecked, without moral or ethical constraint. I only wish people would do something about this kind of behavior instead of just bitch about it, how long until people realize our words have no affect.


mantle has not only been released(though on a limited basis) it outperforms directx in almost every way, and this is just the alpha testing they are doing now, which is why its only available on the R series cards atm.

Too funny.

Ahh yes. Remember Doom 3? Took hackers to take it apart to make a "fix" that allowed ATI cards to run even better then Nvidia cards. And they purposely made ATI cards run the game HORRIBLY til the hackers fixed it and then they were forced to release a official patch to "fix" it. I wouldin't trust Nvidia with a 200 ft. pole! I highly doubt any company trusts then just like no one ever wanted to buy the company out! HAH!


Now nexgen console (Sony & microsoft)and the wii u are using AMD chipset and ... maybe valve, Is gamework has his part of responsability in that segregation, for adding more head hache to game devlopper to have to woried theire engine and also the gamework?I think I've chose badly 3 gtx760 in sli tree way if future game port from console will not use cuda instruction from gamework ,,, So game for SLI will probably rare with the time. And when we check how much does it cost the curent best model X4 if you want in sli .... quad. ATI cross fire is less princess the SLI , you can mix card. but, if the memory size cell is'nt the same then the other card with the same chipset, it doesnt work in sli. so i think nvidia now is in the wrong way and we see that with the abandon of tegra.

I have an AMD processor and

I have an AMD processor and an AMD video card and I can run watch dogs on all High settings with a solid 80-120 frames. I've never had a single crash or stutter either. I didn't bother with the Ultra settings since most people said they are laggy.


hell, even nvidias card aren't working as good as they should on the damn game. my laptop with 2 750 I SLI doesn't even get past the logo because it crashes with the "has stopped responding" error.

Can of worms

Well it's easy to verify if those claims are founded. Check the benchmarks on some sites such as Tom's Hardware and verify if games developed under gameworks are suffering more compared with non-gameworks games. AMD probably double-checked this before making such a bold claim. I wouldn't be surprised that AMD is right, Nvidia stole talents from amd in the past and we are not at the first controversy between those two.

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