PC Version Of GTA: V Listed On Amazon

The PC DVD version of GTA: V is now listed as “coming soon” on Amazon UK and is available for pre-order for EUR49.99 on Amazon France.

The game was confirmed officially for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only, but Rockstar never ruled out the possibility of releasing PC or Wii U versions.

The company’s announcement that GTA: V PC and Wii U versions are “up for consideration” prompted fans to collect more than 144,000 signatures on an online petition asking for the PC version of the game.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of GTA: V are scheduled for release in spring 2013.

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GTA marketing does its job

GTA(Rockstar) marketeers have done there job. they got us angry and got a reaction. it maybe small in numbers but its a voice, They wanted to hear a voice they got it. Anyone in the Industry knows the pc will out sell any other platform. It just rains supreme!! Pirates comments on piracy is a load of bullshit, 80% honestly! its a dying industry! more like 5%! not many people pirate games any more, why the heck would you when they are all priced so reasonable these days + if wait a bit longer you can have it for a even cheaper price! Legally!. Those old days of ripping and downloading are dying if not deading art buddy! If you are still at it your sorry kind of guy for 2013, Your ip is placed in a black box and may come out in court one day in the near future! If I were you I'd back away from that practice in these high security monitoring days. Long live GTA!!

dam u dum

You truly are delusional and slightly retarded. Piracy is still high but does in no way impede PC sales: I'd even go on a limb and say it helps them. I still pirate and play the game to see if it's worth buying. If it is, I buy it. If it's made by a company I don't like and don't want to give my money to, I buy it second-hand whenever possible or not at all. What kind of a guy pirates in 2013? A guy who has no money for frivolities such as games (or a guy who doesn't want to give money to businesses with shoddy DRM and customer relations practices). This much hasn't changed in a decade. Ripping is also alive and well with 3 or so top groups competing against each other and a few others trailing in their wake (but I'm pretty sure you don't know what ripping is and really meant cracking) and is a viable option for those with limited monthly bandwidth. P.S. Learn to spell/grammar.
You voted 'no'.

Why all the fuss?

Starting to get fed up with the GTA V PC crap. When did people starting to doubt GTA V will come out on the PC? Every other major GTA has been out on PC (though some time after the console version), so why would GTA V not? To be honest, 114,000 aint a lot of people in GTA sales terms. If that is the number of people who are going to buy the PC version, is it really worth R* time and resources making it?

Major PC franchises have

Major PC franchises have skipped PC releases in the past (Call of Duty for example), so I can't blame people for being a little on edge when a game is only "up for consideration." Also, Rockstar knows better than to even acknowledge online petitions, or at least take it with a grain of salt. Any individual could add several thousand signatures to it, and there's also the issue of the general public not even knowing they exist. I'd love for the game to be released on PC and this is the first I've heard about the petition.

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