Players To 'Tailor' Their Tomb Raider: Underworld Experience

Crystal Dynamics creative director Eric Lindstrom revealed that players wil be able to "tailor" their Tomb Raider: Underworld and modify the game's action / puzzle balance to suit their individual tastes.

"It's not about difficulty. It's about people having different ideas about what they want exploration and discovery to be", he explained.

Players will be able to tune down (or up) the combat by adjusting the game's difficulty level and they will be able to skip boring puzzles by asking Lara to auto solve it for them. Players however won't be able to turn the combat completely off because Lindstrom believes that " those punctuation points are important for the overall pacing".

"There are plenty of fans out there who have very strong feelings about the combat versus the exploration", Lindstrom concluded. "To give them the ability to tailor that experience is a part of making people happy with the Tomb Raider game in ways that they couldn't before."

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