Pokemon Developer Debuts New Horse Racing Solitaire

Game Freak

Game Freak, the developer most well known for developing the Pokemon series of games and Game Boy Camera, has announced its new game and it's not got anything to do with pocket monsters - though animals are involved.

It's a horse racing game, featuring a solitaire mechanic, known as Soriti Horse.

Not your average title, but Game Freak describes is as a melding of well known properties: "A classic game that's played all over the world will be reborn in a surprising collaboration."

Set to debut on the 3DS on July 31st in Japan, Soriti Horse splits the racing into three separate sections. You start by playing solitaire on the touch screen portion of the handheld. If you do well, your affinity with the horse increases.

You then switch to race mode, where your positioning on the track is important. You can avoid obstacles and other racers as you make your way up the rankings.

At the end of the race, you can use power ups and the whip to get a last burst of speed from your nag and try and cross the finish like in a pole position.

While there's not been a Western release announced as of yet, CVG seems to think that it will head over this way at some point - fingers crossed if you're a Game Freak or horse racing/solitaire fan.

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LOOKS GREAT! I recently got trounced in Pokemon and I suck at smash bros (I love you nana and popo) so this game looks up my alley!
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