Christmas NiGHTS - Disable the Alarm Egg


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Disable the Alarm Egg

It is possible to knock the Alarm Egg down by jumping at it. If you manage to knock it into the purple 'sea' surrounding each level then leg it up the nearest hill the Alarm Egg should go away for at least two minutes

Note: On some early versions of NiGHTS if you knock the Egg too far the game crashes with the error "Object ALARMEGG escaping off edge of map."

Hide From the Alarm Egg

Stand on a platform which is above another area.

Picture Files

If you place Christmas Nights into a PC or Mac CDrom drive and look on the disk you will find a folder titled 'Extra'. If you open this folder you will find two more folders titled '16m' and '256'. These two are duplicates of the other. Inside the folders you will find two BMP files that are viewable on your computer. These pictures show Christmas Nights Chris and Clara.

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