College Hoops 2K6 - Easy wins


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Easy wins:
Pause the game and go to the game sliders. Use the sliders to raise the percentage of three pointers, dunks, etc. that you make. Note: This will not hurt your season.

Gamerscore points:
Accomplish the indicated task to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points 1,000 total possible points:

Get 20 Steals With Any Team 150 points: Get twenty steals in the same game.
Get 45 Rebounds With Any Team 200 points: Get forty five rebounds in the same game.
Get 6 Blocks With Any Player 150 points: Get six blocks in a single game with the same player.
Make 15 3-Pointers In One Game 250 points: Get fifteen 3-pointers in the same game.
Score 40 Points With Any Player 250 points: Score 40 points in a single game with the same player.

Unlockable Alternate Team Jerseys:
These jerseys are unlockable via the Campus Store under the Extras menu. All items are unlockable using points you earn during game play.

Effect - Code:
Arizona Wildcats Alternate Jersey red - 45 Points
Duke Blue Devils Alternate Jersey black - 45 points
Florida Gators Alternate Jersey black - 45 points
Illinois Fighting Illini Alternate Jersey orange - 45 points
Michigan Wolverines Alternate Jersey yellow - 45 points
Missouri Tigers Alternate Jersey yellow gold - 45 points
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Alternate Jersey gold - 45 points
Oregon Ducks Alternate Jersey bright yellow - 45 points
Pittsburgh Panthers Alternate Jersey navy blue - 45 points

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