Earth 2150 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Enter and type Iwannacheat. Press Enter again and type any of the following "Codes" followed by Enter:

Code Effect
xmaspack Full Repair and Reload Ammo
fireworks Mines
ilovethisgame Give of CR
ihatelimits Set Unit Limit to CR
einstein Fast Explore 1 for on 0 for off
thehammerofthor Kill All Enemies at Range of 8
massacre Kills All Objects at Range of 8
seeyounextlife Destroy Selected Unit
hastalavistaenemigos Destory All Visible Units and Objects
badtimebadplace Damage All Near Units
eagleeye See All
letbedarkness Fog
noonehides See All Units
nomoresecrets Full Map
armageddon Meteor Shower
helpmeplease Fast Explore for Player Only 1 for on 0 for off

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