ESPN International Track And Field - Secret Names amp Color Costumes


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Secret Names & Color Costumes

At the end of each championship mode you get a secret name for the country you complete it with. You use them Trial mode to change the color of the athlete. Put the city name in as a case sensitive name in trial mode to get it also.

Name Effect
L.A. Pole Vault Championship
Montreal Extra Events Championship
Montreal Gold Metallic Player Trial
Sydney Silver Metallic Player Trial
Helsinki Bronze Metallic Player Trial
Roma Brown Metallic Player Trial
Moscow White Metallic Player Trial
L.A Blue Metallic Player Trial
Munich Light Blue Metallic Player Trial
Mexico Green Metallic Player Trial
Tokyo Red Metallic Player Trial
Athens Silver/Gray Metallic Player Trial
Atlanta Orange Metallic Player Trial
Seoul Silver/Purple Metallic Player Trial

Get Pole Vault and More Events

Put in L.A. for a name in championship mode for pole vault and Montreal to get more events

Get High Jump and Triple jump

Complete the first 8 events in the top 3 to unlock High Jump and Triple Jump

Get Gymnastics Song

Get a gold medal in all 3 rhythmic gymnastics songs

Get Trap Shooting

Get gold on all 8 regular and all 3 extra events to unlock trap shooting

Get Interviews

You will get a Interview in the Awards option by getting the following number of medals using trial or championship mode

5 Bronze - 1st Interview
5 Silver - 2nd Interview
5 Gold - 3rd Interview
10 Gold - 4th Interview

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